Considering the best [pet resistant flooring options] may save money on repairs

Today pet owners are opting for carpet flooring for their pets mainly because of 2 reasons: stain resistance and durability. After all, wear and tear and pet accidents can take a toll on your carpet by shortening its lifespan.


Carpet flooring is the best and sole guarantor of quality and comfort to both its’ residential and customers. With a range of colors, designs, patterns, and texture, pet-friendly carpet flooring comes in attractive offers and many discounts.

Also, to keep your carpets and your pets safe, there is a unique range of Pet-Friendly Carpet Flooring.Pet owners today who are looking for new carpet have two main priorities: stain resistance and durability. Pet accidents and wear/tear from your beloved pets can take a toll on your carpet and shorten its lifespan. 21st-century consumers are adding environmental and health effects to their list of pet-friendly flooring priorities.

The pet-friendly carpets have the following benefits:

  • Wall-to-wall carpeting is more comfortable for pets as many pets spend lots of time lying around on the floor.
  • Carpet is also a non-slip surface that can be safer for animals, whose foot-pads tend to slide on tile and hardwood flooring.
  • Lastly, carpet absorbs sound and can make your home a more peaceful place to live

Express Flooring’s pet-friendly carpets are odor resistant, with fibers that provide extreme softness.

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Express Flooring will help you choose from many of their pet-friendly carpets which are also eco-friendly and healthy for the earth. Their Design Consultants will discuss the many pet-friendly options during your FREE In-Home Estimate. You can also check their odor resistant carpet options specially created for cats and dogs which are constructed with fibers to help prevent stains and are also supported by moisture protection. They further offer you a unique pet pad for helping to protect your carpets. This pad technology resists stain and spill penetration.

So hurry and choose the best pet-friendly carpets for your home!

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