Cork Flooring Installation and Care Tips

Cork is one of the many wonders that nature has provided. Cork flooring is considered to be an attractive flooring option that is durable and Eco-friendly. When compared to wood or bamboo flooring it is a cheaper flooring option. It is a soundproof flooring option as well as, it is very much resistant to mold and mildew.

Installing Cork Flooring:

The first step before we begin to install cork flooring, the subfloor must be well prepared by cleaning it and leveling it. It should be moisture free. See that paint or any sort of grit or dirt is removed. If you are fixing cork floor on any pre-existing wood floor use a tri-sodium phosphate and scrub the floor once. Let the floor dry completely. Maintain a normal temperature and low humidity levels. It is advised to keep the cork flooring product in the room that it has to be installed for about 1-2 days.

The second step is to level the floor and fill all the cracks by sanding it. Apply a concrete floor with latex fill; this will need to be primed with the help of a standard concrete primer. It will be a good option if your surface is slightly rough for better bonding. See to it that the flooring is leveled because once the tiles are set bumps and seams will show.

The third step is to lay the cork flooring, but it will take about a day after leveling the floor. Have a look at the instruction manual before starting to lay the tiles. In the manual, you are given instructions as to what kind of adhesive is used and what is the size of the applicator needed.

Cork flooring installation and care tips

Cork flooring installation and care tips

Two kinds of cork flooring, one requires adhesive the other kind is clicked together tiles. If you are going for click together tiles you will not need a pattern or chalk to draw your lines, but if it requires adhesive follow the procedure below:

  1. Lay out your flooring pattern and draw lines using chalk. Then apply adhesive using a paint brush.
  2. Allow the adhesive to dry. Now carefully roll your tiles using a tile roller. Do not use too much force as this may cause dents to your floor. As the adhesive is extremely strong if you find a mistake peel it immediately. Clean up any extra adhesive with a damp cloth. If the adhesive is dried up, use mineral spirits to clean it out.
  3. Do not allow any walking on the tile for at least 24 hours.

How to maintain your cork flooring: you can find below some tips on how to maintain your cork flooring.

  • Wipe away spills immediately.
  • Never wet mop your floor, you can damp mop once in a while.
  • Vacuuming and sweeping with a broom is recommended daily so that dirt and grit can be cleaned.
  • Rearrange furniture once in 6 months or a year to prevent your floors from dents in that area. But never drag your furniture, lift it and place it where it is required.
  • Where there is high usage on the floor like in the kitchen, place a rug or mat. But do not placemats that are made of rubber, they can trap moisture and affect the flooring.
  • Never walk on your cork flooring with stilettos as they can dent the floor.
  • Prevent your floors from fading from direct sunlight by keeping your curtains closed
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