Cost Effective Green Flooring Options

If you’re looking to go green with your flooring in your home, there are various choices available in the market. Green flooring ideas are Eco– friendly and healthy, offering beautiful and recycled attractive materials for functional and modern interior design. Most people would think of “green material” as being made from a natural, renewable substance, but there’s a lot to consider if you really need a floor that’s environment-friendly.

Here are the factors that affect a flooring material’s impact on the environment.

  • Ability to be Renewed
  • Ability to be Recycled
  • Responsible Manufacture
  • Transport Distance
  • Toxicity to Environment
  • Maintenance
  • Life Cycle

Green flooring materials require very low-maintenance and can last for years to come.

cork-floorsCork Flooring–  Average price: $1.50 – $4 per sq foot. Cork is a natural renewable material and moderately new to the flooring world. Cork is a great option for flooring. Its durability allows for installing in any part of your home. It is manufactured from the bark of the cork oak tree usually found in the forest of the Mediterranean, which grows back after being harvested and making it a perfectly renewable resource. It provides insulation against cold and heat and is naturally repellent to mold, mites, and bugs. It is fire- retardant, easy to maintain and also has antimicrobial properties that reduce allergens in your home.

Alike wood, cork can be ended in an array of multiple paints and stains to suit any design style or color scheme. Based on the quality of the product cork floors can last for ages.

linoleum-floor-2Linoleum Flooring– Average price: $2 – $5 per sq foot. Linoleum is made from linseed oil, tree resins, cork dust, and ground limestone which are produced naturally from flax plants. Linoleum is widely accessible and highly renewable, water resistant and fire retardant. These floors have a long life and will hold up to a lot of abrasions. It comes in the variety of brilliant colors and a new sealer to protect it from stains.

Bamboo flooringBamboo Flooring– Average price: $2 – $5 per sq foot. Bamboo is a popular green flooring alternative and one of the fastest growing plants with a harvest cycle of 3 – 5 years making it very renewable. Bamboo has similar characteristics as hardwood, in fact, bamboo lasts longer for ages to come and can withstand more use than conventional hardwood floors. It is durable, easy to maintain and is simple to install. Bamboo is usually very light, is available in many colors that suit in any décor or setting. These floors are naturally resistant to water, mildew, and insects, and they are sustainable since bamboo grows quickly and abundantly.

carpetingEco-Friendly Carpeting–  Average price: $3 – $13 per sq foot. Carpet has long been a favorite go-to material for many homeowners. It comes in the variety of colors and patterns, soft to walk and extremely comfortable to sit on. However, you have to be very cautious while buying carpet, as it is often produced from petroleum, a non-renewable resource that is harmful to your health at times. Although carpets are an Eco- friendly option to choose. The best choice is carpet made from natural materials such as wool, jute, and seagrass. If you concerned about your carpet causative to the toxicity, you can spray them with a nontoxic green carpet finish.

Mirage Yellow Birch Montana hardwoodHardwood Flooring– Average price: $3 – $12 per sq. foot. Hardwood flooring is a natural product that is being renewed constantly. It is completely Eco-friendly, easily recycled material, can be used as fuel or in other flooring projects. But make sure that you purchase hardwood labeled FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified as they focus on adhering to high social and environmental standards.


f-natural-stones-04Natural Stone Flooring– Average price: $7 – $35 per sq foot. Stone is also a natural material of the earth which is being recreated by natural tectonic processes. Natural stone tiles can be recycled for various floor decorative designs and will not harm the environment too. However stone is quite heavy, so the transport impact on the environment for imported stone tiles should be considered while you choose Natural stone material for your interior.

Recycled metal tilesRecycled Metal Tiles– Average price: $30 – $70 per sq foot. Mosaic tiles are the most expensive Eco- friendly materials. These tiles are manufactured from scrap pieces of Steel, Copper, Aluminum or Brass. Since this material is not biodegradable, using it in a flooring application keeps it out of the landfill, and preserves in decreasing the supply of metallic substances, creating an Eco- friendly interior design.


Recycled glass tilesRecycled Glass Tiles– Average price: $35 – $100 per sq foot. Glass tiles are made from recovered glass waste such as broken windows and discarded bottles. This renewable source is becoming rapidly a wonderful option for floors as well as kitchen walls and bathrooms. Glass has similar benefits of other Eco-friendly materials. It is non-absorptive and will not gather mold or mildew in damp environments.

Luckily with today’s technology, these Eco- friendly floors are cost-effective, easy to care for and can be installed almost in any part of your home. For anyone considering these options, Click here to furnish your details or to know more you may visit our website.

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