Dark or Light Hardwood Flooring- Which one is best to choose?

There is a lot to think if you are relocating to a new house; it could be flooring, coloured walls or paints. You should also have to make sure that you are choosing the appropriate replacement, because today’s homes are stepping out in style with modern floors that range from different materials. One of the main focuses a new owner makes is the flooring. Modern homeowners may look for a flooring material that is easy to sustain, effortless to clean, incredibly durable and long lasting for their homes. Flooring is the most principle element to design a new home. What you should look for while laying a new floor? Picking the right floor for your new home is not so simple. Are you confused? Don’t worry!! Here is a straight and smart choice to go with- Hardwood flooring is the typical choice for replacement of your new home, due to its known durability, affordability and appearance. Here the problem again arises with choice of dark or light coloured?

Relax! Here you can go with basic pros and cons of dark or light hardwood flooring- Always make sure to consider about the style of furnishings you already have or plan to buy, foot traffic the room gets, size and brightness of a room and of course the floor maintenance.

Dark Coloured Hardwood Flooring:

Dark Coloured Hardwood FlooringIf you prefer to install dark hardwood flooring in your home, make sure it will be decorated with light coloured furniture, show pieces, area rugs, slip covers and many more. Because dark hardwoods like mahogany and walnut usually gives a lustrous and elegant feel, blending it with light coloured furnishing will create a classy and chic look. Most useful benefits in installing dark coloured hardwoods are they absorb light and will not fade; they hide dirt and dust as well. The major cons in choosing dark hardwoods are, the scratches or scuffs turn out to be greatly visible and not all hardwoods take dark stains.

Light Coloured Hardwood flooring:

Light Coloured Hardwood FlooringWhen it comes to light hardwood flooring, there are a lot of advantages. Choosing light coloured one will brighten the room, providing an extra spacious look and modern visual appeal. Certain hardwoods like White oak or yellow birch and maple woods are greatly used in high trafficked areas like kitchens, home gyms, play rooms etc. Keep in mind, not all light hardwood flooring is good for high traffic areas. There are some certain softer hardwoods, like white ash and beech that will damage your floor more rapidly in high trafficked areas.

Ultimately, for a refined look, go with dark coloured hardwood flooring but make sure that you decorate your room with light coloured furnishings, like tables, drapes and couches. For a modern visual appeal nothing beats the light coloured hardwood floor creating a more comfortable feel.

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