Deck Tiles – Where Should Be Using Them

Deck tiles are incredibly versatile, economical, a DIY product and requires no major work. They are an inexpensive option that truly gives the look, performance, and durability as the expensive options.

But what actually are deck tiles? How to build a deck with them? Where they can be used and how well they will last under severe conditions? And a lot more questions spring to your mind?

Relax!! Here we have given brief information on deck tiles and you will be surprised at how many ways you can use them too!!

The versatility of deck tiles-

They are a timeless option.


What are deck tiles?

Deck tiles come in wood, composite, porcelain, stone, rubber and plastic varieties. In recent times, deck tiles have become one of the popular choices for home renovations. They are easy to install in locations that have an existing deck or a flat concrete patio. More often, this decking material consists of wood or composite slat fixed to a lattice plastic base that interlocks with other pieces.

Why use deck tiles?

The interlocking deck tiles are incredibly simple and quick to install-

  • No staining or finishing is required for decking
  • No major maintenance is needed
  • No separate products are required for cleaning.

Deck tiles come in a variety of finishes, colours and patterns, where you can make your home the way you want. Choose basic tiles for a traditional looking wood or stone surface, or mix up the colours and patterns to get a truly unique look.

Where to use deck tiles?

Deck tiles are commonly used for decks and patios, but that’s not where the deck tile uses end. It can also be installed for flooring or roofing in children’s play houses. These are mostly opted for garden walkways and around pool edges.

Deck tiles inside-

Yes, believe it or not, some of the best uses for deck tiles are inside the home. Deck tiles are great to install in basements and attics to make the floor more stable and easy to maintain. Kitchen and bathroom floors can be done in deck tiles, especially if you are unsure of the surface you want, or wish to change the flooring.

Where will you use deck tiles?

As you have seen deck tiles make an excellent choice for almost anywhere inside or outside your home.

Have you installed deck tiles, or plan to?

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