Different Types Of Commercial Carpet Flooring

Commercial carpeting should be preferably inexpensive, resilient and appealing to the eye. Choice of commercial carpeting is usually based on the cost and characteristics of commercial carpet fibers. Traffic flow and maintenance should be taken into considerations while making a carpet selection. Commercial carpet patterns offers a range of products that will fit well in all types of public buildings and work places.

The selection of commercial flooring products should take into account the below points:commercial carpet

  • State of the existing floor (moisture, water and mold)
  • The décor
  • Guidelines for specialty floors

Express Flooring’s in “Commercial Carpeting” has the depth of knowledge to assist you to make the right choice at the right price. Also, these commercial carpet is becoming a popular choice for homes due to its resiliency and relatively cheaper price.

Here you can see some of the different types of commercial carpeting:

  1. Cut pile carpets
  2. Level loop carpets
  3. Cut and loop carpets
  4. Broadloom carpets and 
  5. Carpet tiles

Cut pile carpets– Cut piled carpets are one of the best options for commercial carpet in high traffic areas such as lobbies, classrooms and various types of health care facilities. These types of carpets usually have medium durability and offer a variety of decorative options. Cut pile carpets can be of various thicknesses, but apart from of thickness cut pile carpets always provide a softened feel under the feet.Commercial Carpet Flooring

Level loop carpets– These carpets are constructed in many different weights and thicknesses with identical height and keeping them uncut, providing a smooth level surface. While selecting a loop carpet, the tighter the loops, the more resistant it will be to matting and crushing. These carpets prevent dirt and are extremely easy to clean. Loop level carpets work great for both residential and commercial uses.

Cut and loop carpets– These carpets are one of the best options for commercial carpeting in high traffic areas such as lobbies, classrooms and various types of health care facilities. It offers a variety of decorative options with medium durability. These carpets hide dirt and grime well due to the multiple heights within the carpet fibers. Thus, these cut and loop carpets are ideal for official places.

Broadloom carpets– These carpets are usually used for large area wall- to- wall carpeting. Broadloom carpets are usually nailed or tacked down, so it will not be shifted or moved with use. It will not penetrate dirt as broadloom lacks in seaming thus it looks new and dirt free for ages.

Downside of Broadloom carpets– The biggest drawback of broadloom carpeting is that, you need to hire a professional for cleaning this kind of carpet.

Carpet Tiles– These carpet tiles are usually one square foot, placed to form a continuous carpet. These tiles are a great alternative to large carpets, if one of the tiles gets shabby or damaged; you can replace the affected tile with a new one. Carpet tile saves your budget because of its ease of replacement, offers ever- lasting design ideas where you can try and match different tiles to create a myriad of looks.

With all these options available today, selecting the best carpet can be a little overwhelming. But these choices would help you to focus on your needs and make the right choice while choosing and purchasing carpet.

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