Dramatic 2019 Hardwood Trends

To create a beautiful, inviting space that also delivers on a style you must begin from the ground up. Hardwood flooring remains a classic option, and many homeowners are returning to this durable and versatile flooring material after years of carpet and vinyl. If you’re considering switching out your floorboards, check out what the New Year has in store before getting started. Not sure if a certain design will suit your abode? Our team will bring samples right to your door, so you can get a better idea of what can be accomplished.

Here’s your sneak peek of 2019:

Eco-Friendly Is Evergreen

Bamboo: Protect Mother Nature and achieve the interior design of your dreams by choosing eco-friendly flooring that is as beautiful as it is sustainable. With a small footprint and big benefits, bamboo flooring looks great in any room or all the rooms. Bamboo is tough stuff; it can handle significant foot traffic, resist spills and water, and clean up just in time for dinner. Even better, this hardwood flooring (technically hard grass) comes at an affordable price point anyone can fall in love with.

Pet-friendly bamboo flooring

Cork: If you have a bigger budget and want something that feels softer underfoot, try cork on for size. Available in several stylish shades, cork flooring planks have a unique textured appearance similar to but a world away from hardwood–thus encouraging friends and guests to remark upon on your avant-garde taste. The price point can make some think twice, so consider using this material as a statement-making option in high-trafficked areas.

Cork flooring options

Reclaimed Wood: What’s old is new, again and again. Reclaimed wood makes a home feel lived in without having the problems associated with an older place. The high degree of rugged, rustic character, thanks to the appearance of knots, nicks, cuts, and scratches, offers an earthy contrast when paired with sleek modern appliances. If reclaimed wood is scarce, look-alike vinyl can provide a country style with city smarts.

Reclaimed wood floors

The Wider the Better

A standard size, as most people think of it, for a hardwood slat or plank is 2 ¼ inch wide. But standard won’t do for everyone. Each year planks seem to get wider and wider, and 2019 may be the broadest year yet. Four- and five-inch-wide planks have become common, so six inches serves as the new reach. Such a bold approach demands a large space to breathe properly, so this choice works best for open floor plan homes with high ceilings. Opt for lighter tones to keep the feeling airy or go darker for greater drama.

50 Shades of Gray

Gray hardwood floors will continue to dominate next year, as they did in 2018. Light and medium gray shades proved irresistible to homeowners, who had grown tired of the peach and putty beige trends of the early 2000s. If you’re eager to showcase a floor more cutting edge, darker grays are cropping up, surrounding lighter colored cabinets in kitchens and creating deep, emotional moods in luxurious bathrooms. Anyone who loves modern minimalism will adore the elegance of gray hardwood running through the home, and engineered options provide a more affordable avenue if full price is too steep.

Gray wood floors

Mix and Match

Why choose one hue when several will do? Laying down a variety of hardwood tones, within the same color family, feels inspired in a playful, yet mature way. Keep close to the primary color to keep from going too far off the beaten path, and choose medium to wide planks so the result shies away from appearing busy or chaotic. With a delicate touch, mix and match flooring can give a room a pop of contemporary style that blends well with any type of interior design. Try it in the playroom, den, or dining room.

Pretty Prints and Patterns

Need a statement-making floor in the foyer, kitchen, or office? A print or pattern offers just the eye-catching artwork you could use. Arrange different shades (or types) of hardwood to create a design that stands out from the other planks and their straight lines. Stars, compasses, Celtic knots, and other types of images can be placed like medallions within the foundation wherever you please. If you find the angular slats of wood too limiting, you can paint or stain a design on top to suit your preferences.

Paint patterned wood floors

Appealing Alternatives

Love these fresh styles but hate hardwood? You can achieve the same look, in many cases, with alternatives like laminate, vinyl, and tile. Manufactured wood-like materials have become more popular as precision improves, and now in many cases, people cannot tell the difference between real and faux by sight alone. Additionally, tile, laminate, and vinyl are often easier to clean, and they help maintain a cooler temperature in the home–saving on air conditioning bills.

Moving into 2019 the trends communicate one overarching theme: Personalization is the best approach to interior design and hardwood selection. Revealing your individual taste and implementing a unique touch, while maintaining a polished, inviting look, will always draw accolades for appearing stylish. And you’re never alone in this adventure. Our team is available to guide you to a finish that’s beautiful, lasting, and special, so call us today

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