Express Flooring Donates Make a Wish Foundation

A few years ago Express Flooring partnered with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Arizona chapter. Express Flooring provided donations in kind to the organization to help them conduct their fund-raising events like The Women against MS Luncheon, wine and tasting events and other events for which funds were needed in order to receive support from a large community. Express Flooring has reached the people in need through this organization and has been able to make some contributions in making a positive impact in their lives.

Express Flooring’s kind donation was able to raise thousands of dollars that helped a lot of people with multiple sclerosis in the community. The donations have even been able to provide program servicing and also research funding for the people who are affected by multiple sclerosis. This help for research is essential in improving the treatment given out to patients with multiple sclerosis.

 In 2014, Express Flooring provided them with a large donation worth $3000 which was used to conduct a holiday meal program over Thanksgiving and Christmas. This donation made a large impact. Meals were provided for over 60 families who are struggling against multiple sclerosis, over Thanksgiving and Christmas. This was a very kind gesture, as otherwise the families would not have been able to afford this meal which most of us enjoyed over our holidays and took for granted.

The main goal of the Arizona Chapter organization is to partner with local businesses which have the ability and the willingness to help the community suffering from multiple sclerosis. They found their loyal partner in Express Flooring.  Express Flooring has been a generous partner with continued support for this organization. Express Flooring has made valuable contributions towards the community in the past five years and has helped the organization to the best of its ability.

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