Express Flooring is Proud to Call Shaw Our Partner

Express Flooring was recently aware, and is proud to note, that Shaw Industries Group (carpeting) was determined to be a leading provider in the area of training, ranked 11th on Elearning Magazines 2016 Learning! 100.  In looking further into what this means, Express Flooring found that the Learning! 100 are comprised of 60 corporate enterprises along with 40 public sector organizations, that display excellence in the area of training.

This is the 6th time consecutively that Shaw industries was found to be among the top learning organizations recognized for innovative techniques, collaboration, high performance and organizational culture.

To explain, Shaw trains at a rate of more than a million hours of training annually, or, almost 50 hours per associate.  In any business, that is a lot of training, and means the organization displays excellence, both across and up and down the organization.

Great, but what does that mean to a customer at Express Flooring, what’s in it for the consumer?  Like anything in life you want to be good at, it means that the quality of the product, the life of the product, the customer support for the product, all of these are gains for the consumer when purchasing from Express Flooring.  The gain is, the better Shaw is at its business, the better we can support you with quick turnaround on product and installation questions, improving the technology at a much more rapid pace, and providing you with better general support.  These are major gains for you, the consumer.

shaw-carpet-floorsThis also creates longevity for both Shaw Industries and in turn, Express Flooring.  It is not a “here today, gone tomorrow” environment! Why, because embedded in these training situations, are legacy development opportunities, as long term employees have a chance to convey what they have learned in their employment, to those up and coming, less experienced, employees.  In our careers, we have all heard someone say, “if only Susan were here, she’d know what to do.”  Legacy training is one way of avoiding this.  Because of this, as we often hear on television, for you the consumer, this is a “win, win, win!” environment, and this is what Express Flooring can offer you!

But it doesn’t stop there.  In addition to the Learning! 100, Shaw’s education and training efforts have been singled out for excellence in employee-sponsored training and development programs by Training Magazine, (for the twelfth consecutive year) Forbes Magazine, and Fortune Magazine.  Not a bad record, one for which Express Flooring is proud to call Shaw our partner.

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