Express Flooring’s Earth-Friendly Flooring

When time came for Robert & Mary Lizunno to replace the floors in their home in Phoenix, they were hustling through the options.  “It has to be marvelous and stunning,” the Luisenos say, “but we also want to be sure, we are doing our part by preserving nature.”

Ultimately, they opted for Express Flooring’s Tiger wood, an alluring vibrant hardwood from Bolivia. It is also known as Zebrawood because its surface comprises of distinct stripes. Tiger wood features comprises of the following

  • It is an extremely hard wood in texture that comprises of close grains.
  • It is usually available in shades of orange brown with unique black or brown lines that replicate the stripes of a tiger.
  • It is extremely durable and lasts for ages.

Robert & Mary opted for Tiger wood flooring due to the following advantages:

  • It has a stunning color combination that increases the visual appeal of any room it is installed in.
  • It is an exotic type of hardwood that changes color as it is exposed to sunlight and ages.
  • Tiger wood is manufactured from trees that are grown carefully without use of any harmful pesticides and are cut down individually rather than in a group.  It is also suitable for hotel flooring, hospital flooring and all residential and commercial areas.

“Being nature friendly we preferred purchasing environment friendly wood”, said the Lizunnos. Robert & Mary are a part of a growing community of customers, who see the forest for trees when it comes to flooring. They are driving the market with “credible” products that are made from trees which are raised using environment friendly techniques.

A few years back, homeowners had few options to save the environment and trees. Cutting edge technology is used now a days to grow trees so that homeowners can get the comfort of hardwood flooring without having to harm the environment.

Credible and alluring flooring is available in all prevailing species like: red and white oak, maple, cherry, hickory, red birch and is not over priced.

Medium grade American cherry, which is 4 inch wide and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) costs around $2-5 a square foot. Forest Stewardship Council is an international nonprofit organization which promotes responsible forest management.

Express Flooring, is the most sought after retailer in areas of Phoenix, Tucson & Denver. Its sales have soared in the last three years satisfying millions of customers with excellent services.  “Environmental concerns are beginning to have a very real effect on the wood marketplace, and it’s about time” asserts Greg Gilmartin, Express Flooring’s director of product sales and marketing.

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