Flooring Accents and Tiles On a Budget: How to Design Like Houzz or HGTV

There are a number of different ways to create new floor accents for your kitchen or bathroom and work with tiles even if you’re on a budget. Whether its tile trim or special flooring accents, you can recreate the flooring design styles you saw on HGTV and Houzz – and save money.

Use these flooring tips to help you find the look you want while keeping some cash in your pocket.

You saw a Houzz kitchen and living room remodel with new hardwood flooring…

Try vinyl plank flooring instead. It’s similar to hardwood floors, is cheaper, and is more water-resistant.

  • Take a look at Family Handyman’s hardwood flooring and accent creations. While it’s a larger border that’s covered in this example, the work incorporates darker wood and marble into the flooring remodeling project.
  • Hardwood flooring accents include many styles and patterns as shown on Pinterest.
  • Flooring accents can be larger (like those shown in the links above) or smaller like in this foyer example.

Often, remodeling projects for new hardwood flooring can be labor-intensive, will require a few days work, moving the furniture, and costs can be high. That’s why vinyl plank flooring makes an ideal option.

Beautiful wood flooring in the kitchen

Benefits and Key Features

With vinyl plank flooring, the tiles resemble hardwood and it can be hard to tell the difference. Vinyl plank flooring can be installed in a few hours and you’ll save a lot more money.

Best vinyl plank flooring in living room

Pros and cons:

  • It’s likely that the only con will be that you might wish you had installed vinyl plank flooring sooner.
  • With vinyl plank flooring, it’s very easy to clean the planks because you only need to use a damp mop or a Swiffer to wipe the floor down.
  • It’s scratch-resistant and it handles well under heavy foot traffic – like when your son or daughter’s soccer team is running through the kitchen.

How to Catch the Latest Flooring Sale and Installation Deal

If you want to order vinyl plank flooring or hardwood flooring, ask your flooring store specialist about their recent flooring clearance sale or end-of-season sale to save on costs and request free-installation. Your local flooring store can help with vinyl plank floor options and give you their best flooring sale and installation price.

Hardwood flooring

You saw an HGTV bathroom remodel with marble flooring accents and new tiles…

Try vinyl tiles and ask your flooring special about floor accents near the bath tub or shower.

  • Here’s an example of a smaller floor accent tile pattern from Entwine Interiors. With the varying colors, the walls and other furnishings can pick up similar color schemes to help keep this look fresh for years to come.
  • Check out these floor accent ideas from Tile Ideaz that can help you find a style for your bathroom. Whether it’s a geometrical pattern, or a change in rectangular tile work, there are several options.
  • Take a look at DigsDigs flooring accents and transitions. If you’ll notice, they use tile flooring accents on tile and also between tiles and wood floors.

Best tile flooring in the bathroom

There are so many options, you might want to consult an interior designer or follow an interior designer online who can make recommendations. That way you’re staying with color schemes that will compliment your home.

Benefits and Key Features

Vinyl tiles like laminate flooring can resemble marble and when you get the price for flooring and installation, ask about accents that you would like to add. Some flooring accents are simple color changes that outline the base of a tub or can be used in a creative pattern to add designs to a kitchen floor.

Because vinyl tiles are cheaper and can resemble marble or bathroom tiles for the floor, you’ll find that it’s a faster installation, it can be done in a few hours, and the tiles are easy to clean. Just wipe them down.

Maybe you did a search online for “tile stores near me that sell marble flooring” or “flooring stores near me”. A benefit to installing vinyl flooring, linoleum flooring, or tile flooring for you bathroom or kitchen is you can recreate practically any style at a lower cost.

Tip: If you’re adding marble to your bathroom but you want to save money, ask for vinyl or linoleum instead.

Tips to Help You with Flooring Accents

To help you find floor accents that will fit your décor and budget, talk to a flooring specialist about your idea. If you have an image, let them see what you have in mind or if you have a new idea, construct it on paper or online.

Next, discuss the flooring project. You might find that your flooring specialist can help with the tile accents themselves and you don’t need to hire anyone else. If they don’t specialize in the style you want, let them install their section of flooring and have a tiling specialist fill in the rest.

Make sure your flooring and tile specialist consult on the project together to ensure the floor and any tile work will be the same height and they tell you how to clean your floors and any other details you need for upkeep. That way you can achieve the look you want and protect your new investment.

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