Flooring That Leaves Kids Floored

Are you always telling your kids to pick their playthings up off the floor? Well, imagine if their floor was a plaything.

Attractive flooring for kids

When choosing flooring for children’s rooms, some parents are now getting inspiration from toys, sports, board games, and other fun objects and activities. The results can make kids look forward to going to their rooms at night.

Let’s explore a few of these whimsical and ingenious floors. For sure, they’re all epic ideas.

Around the Block

To start with, you might look for flooring that evokes Legos or other building blocks. After all, those items are bestsellers and perennial childhood favorites.

Another option would be to paint those Legos yourself. Or you might buy special foam mats or a rug that will turn your child’s room into a brick-filled wonderland.

On the other hand, your young builders might want a floor that looks like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle. You could achieve that effect with customized parquet or vinyl pieces. Good luck putting them all together!

Game Plan

Given that they’re flat with vibrant designs, board games make great models for inventive flooring. Once again, you might rely on a decorative rug. Or, if you’re the artistic type, you could get out those brushes and paints to carefully recreate a game like Monopoly.

Flooring options Children's games

For a simpler game-related project, how about making a hopscotch court out of painter’s tape?

The Thrill of Victory

Then there’s the world of sports. If your kids are little athletes, they might get excited about using pitch rugs or throw rugs to transform their rooms into soccer fields, football stadiums or other venues.

Creative children room with basketball

Since basketball is an indoor sport, a hoops-themed floor makes perfect sense. Indeed, some parents have gone to great interior decorating lengths to incorporate expensive mini-courts into their kids’ rooms. Nevertheless, you could embark on a more modest basketball project, one that won’t break your budget. Just use duct tape on laminate.

So there you have it: surfaces that spark creativity and floors that fire imagination with every step.

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