Flooring Trends In 2019

So 2019 is here are people are looking at it as an excuse to bring about a change in their monotonous life. One of the easiest ways to make your life more exciting is by renovating your house. Although the thought of renovation may seem exciting, when you actually go for it, you realize that it is an extremely time consuming and hectic process.

You may want to renovate one part of your house one at a time instead of renovating the whole thing together. Every area of the house has specific requirements and it needs equal attention. Even if you are renovating your basement or your kitchen, there are important decisions to be made such as the kind of flooring that you want to choose.

In 2019, the trends of flooring are changing and here are the lowest trends.

Carpet Flooring:

With the round the clock innovations happening all around the globe, the flooring market is not behind. Carpet floorings have become more environmentally friendly and are being available in a variety of patterns and designs. With all these great innovations, carpets are becoming softer than ever. In the early times, carpets were used mostly in the living areas of the house, but now this flooring is compatible with almost every other surface and can be installed even in the bedrooms without it looking awkward. Carpet floors are now available in tiles pattern, which makes it easier to install it in every nook and corner of the room. Also, with the new varieties of carpets coming up, the durability of this flooring option has also increased.

Hardwood Flooring:

Hardwood flooring has been one of the oldest flooring options to be used in the houses till date. It is one of those evergreen flooring options that can never get old and one can never get too bored with it. It is durable and gives a very rich look in whichever room it is installed. But not everyone can afford to put hardwood floorings in his or her house because of the cost involved. Still, hardwood flooring’s popularity never comes down and most of it is to do with the fact that it is available in a variety of patterns, which enables it to be installed in various areas of the house.

2016 flooring trendsLuxury Vinyl:

Vinyl flooring has been in trend for quite some time but it is the luxury vinyl tiles that have come up as the real trendsetter in 2019. Luxury vinyl is one of the most durable floorings available in the market today, are available in a variety of colors and patterns which makes it unique and also extremely likable to the people. Also, this flooring option is light on your pocket and easy to install.

Tile Flooring:

In the recent years, ceramic tiles have been revamped and presented to the people in an absolutely new way. Not only is the size of tile getting either too big to too small, but it is also being blended with each other to give the perfect looking flooring solution to the customers. Tiles are being mixed and matched to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

So, choose the best flooring for your house based on the latest trends. Good Luck with your renovations.

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