From Kitchens to Bathrooms: Easy Remodel Projects Before the Holidays

With the kids back in school, now’s the perfect time to start a few home improvement projects around the house to get ready for the holidays. From simple remodels to your kitchen and bathroom to ways to transform your rooms with discount flooring, here are a few helpful tips that are guaranteed to have everyone wanting to come to your home for the holidays.

Eye-catching Bathroom tile flooring

Included are simple remodeling projects like paint, tile, new flooring, wallpaper, new cabinetry, and a new kitchen island, and for the bathroom tub reglazing, new tiles, flooring, paint, and new cabinetry, and faucets.

Easy Kitchen Projects

Kitchen projects can be so exciting. Not only can you add all kinds of color, but your remodeling project will look like you spent thousands when you saved a lot.

Tip: To help you plan, find your favorite images first as so many color options can be overwhelming. What you don’t use this year, save for next time!

Here are a few fun kitchen project ideas (click through the photos in the links to see various looks)…

1. Brighten Your Kitchen with White Cabinetry and Colorful Accessories

A great way to “spruce” up a dull kitchen look is with a touch of whimsical color. Better Homes & Gardens has a few decorative ways to add color while keeping the cabinets white or neutral. Consider your accessories such as your window curtains, a new vase, flowers, kitchen towels, and even a fruit display. With a house full of guests for the holidays, the new colors will be both welcoming and inviting.

Topnotch high-end marble backsplash

Tip: Spend a little more on a high-end marble backsplash. Bath, Kitchen & Tile Center suggests using a darker grout that won’t pick up water stains and use a neutral color to increase your resale value.

Where to spend less?

To save on costs, paint the cabinets white and use a favorite fabric for the curtains and a table runner. An arts and crafts store will have all kinds of colorful glasses and vases to serve as matching accessories.

What about the floors?

Have hardwood flooring? A great way to have your wood floors ready for the holidays is to have them sanded, stained and varnished. It’s a valuable investment that can help increase your home’s value. Contact your local flooring store and ask the price for flooring and installation – and don’t forget to ask about discounts for the military, seniors, or end-of-season sales!

Classy kitchen with hardwood flooring

2. Give Drab Natural Wood Cabinets a Contemporary Makeover

A fast home remodel project is to change the kitchen cabinetry. HGTV has a great before and after to give you an idea of the dramatic look a simple cabinet change can make. In addition to the cabinet upgrade, the fixtures were also changed to brass handles and knobs. While the cabinet color was changed to a dark gray, the wallpaper’s bright colors of white and gray help lighten the room. The fixtures also look more modern and the kitchen island was changed along with the bar stools. Total costs: $1,200.

Where to spend less?

To save more money, consider painting your current cabinets. Then paint or add wallpaper to the walls and paint your kitchen island a matching color.

What about the Floors?

If you’re interested in new flooring, contact a flooring store for discounted vinyl flooring or laminate flooring. When you do a search online for “carpet stores near me” or “flooring stores near me”, ask about the latest flooring sale and installation price and next-day installation.

Easy Bathroom Projects

Bathroom remodels are easy because even the smallest changes look big. To get ready for the holidays, try these simple changes.

1. Add New Tiles, Lighting, and a New Vanity for a Welcoming Contemporary Change

The DIY Network has a host of great ways to transform a bathroom. Wall and floor tiles can brighten up the room. Add in a new sink, vanity, and accessories and you have a lovely remodel whether it’s for the master bath or powder room.

Where to spend less?

One way to save money is to reglaze or refinish your tub instead of replacing it, suggests The Spruce. They also suggest installing your own vanity, painting, or adding wallpaper to save on costs.

What about the floors?

A great way to transform a floor is with flooring accents and new tile flooring. Ask your flooring specialist about the best flooring sale and installation deal they have on flooring accents and give them your time frame so your floors will be ready well before the holidays.

2. Add Faux Wood Flooring or Moldings and Wallpaper for a Clean Look

With moldings and wallpaper in the bathroom, House Logic shows in sample images how to create a new look with simple molding that’s relatively cheap. They also show a wood floor upgrade to brighten a bathroom by using vinyl laminate that looks like hardwood floors. It’s cheaper than natural wood, easy to clean, and runs about $1 to $4 per square foot.

Ask your flooring store about a flooring sale and installation quote for vinyl laminate and next-day installation. With the money you save, you can buy new accessories (and holiday gifts!).


Remodeling your kitchen and bathroom are fun projects that will give you a new look just in time for the holidays and increase your home’s value. With so many great ideas, you might have a hard time selecting just one!

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