Garage Floor Tiles: Types and Uses

There are many reasons why people install garage floor tiles. Some people do it for wanting the garage to look good to show off their high-end tools, costly equipment and their lovely looking cars and some just want a neat flooring to use as a work space. Due to the high demand, there are various kinds of flooring options available for a garage.

In the article given below you can read about the types of flooring for garages and their uses, and can also read what can suit your needs the best.

Interlocking Garage tiles:

These are basically plastic tiles that have grooves on all four sides. These can be interlinked with the other tiles by connecting the grooves on to the grooves from a separate tile, till the whole room is covered. They have a life span starting from a minimum of 7 years to 15 years.

Easy installation is the main advantage of interlocking garage floor tiles, all one needs to do is to align the grooves on the sides and tap them tenderly with a mallet to set them together.

Another reason for these kinds of tiles to gain popularity s due to the fact that the designs are pretty simple too. These tiles are available in a wide variety of colours and are resistant to all kinds of exploitation a garage goes through on a daily basis.

Only disadvantage may be that after sometime you may notice some fading in colour and deforming of the surface. You can fix this problem by removing the particular tile and replacing it with a new one.

In spite of the disadvantage, many people still prefer the interlocking garage floor tiles because they are very adaptable and flexible and cost effective.

interlocking garage-floor-tilesVinyl composite tiles:

The vinyl composite garage floor tiles are considered to be the cheapest tiles for garage flooring in the market. They have a very glossy and a very polished look which gives the garage a traditional/ retro look. Size that is usually available is 12*12 with 1/8th of an inch.

These vinyl composite garage tiles are anti liquids, which means any number of liquids that fall on this floor can be cleaned easily.

  • Cons:
    They are highly prone to damage if any pointed objects fall on the floor or if anything is dragged over the floors.
  • It requires other kinds of maintenance like buffing and polishing to keep up with the look.

Flexible vinyl floor tiles:

These are considered the best floors for a garage in today’s market due to its adaptability, the way it looks, the ease in installation and also because they are resistant to damages. This is a floor type that you have to peel and stick.

It is very cost effective and can easily change the look of your garage.
Available in 12 colours and you can use your imagination and create your patters and designs. It is very easy to install.

In heavy traffic areas, extra adhesive is recommended as there is a possibility of the tiles shifting because of the pressure.

You may notice some distortion on the edges due to a change in temperature. You can avoid it by not leaving any spaces between the tiles and the wall.

What is the perfect floor type to choose from the above…

Each type of garage floors tiles we discussed above has its own set of pros and cons. Due to that it can be tough to choose the perfect floor type for a garage. You can choose by first making a list of what your needs are. You will need to consider a few things before choosing like the cost, whether it is durable, whether it is easy to install, the looks of the garage and its adaptability.

Once you know what you need and what you are expecting from your floor it will be much easier to choose.

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