Go Green with Laminate Flooring By QuickStep

Next time you visit your friends or neighbors house and see laminate floor in any of their rooms, don’t be surprised as it is the most recycled flooring material in whole of America. Laminate flooring break through manufacturing techniques includes three basic layers: Top Layer, Pivotal Layer and Bottom Layer.

    • Top Layer – Top Layer of Laminate is also called as the decorative layer, as it is a photographic image of stone, tile or Wood. The image is stuck to the plank with a resin based adhesive.

  • Pivotal Layer – This Layer is the most important in the composition of Laminate Flooring. It contributes a major portion for the stability and sturdiness of the Laminate. It is manufactured from high density fiber board.
  • Bottom Layer – Bottom Layer of Laminate is also called as Base Layer. It helps to bind together the entire laminate, making it dependable and sturdy. This Layer gives Laminate the name of floating floor as it floats on the sub floor it is installed on.

Laminate Features that make it desirable

  • It is very adaptable as it replicates the appearance of Hardwood, stone or tile.
  • Installing a Laminate Flooring is very easy and an effortless task to do.
  • It is an ideal flooring option for your home or office flooring where there is less moisture.
  • It does not fade when exposed to sunlight and can withstand stains, scratches and spills.
  • It can be installed in any area of your for home with children and pets.
  • It can be cleaned easily using a soft bristle broom and mop.

Why choose Quick Step Renewable Laminate

  • Quick Step chooses exclusive southern pine that is renewable for their U.S manufactured core boards.
  • Laminate Boards from Quick Step are made from wood waste that is pre- consumed.
  • Quick Step is environment friendly as it does not cut down any bewitching exotic trees from the rain-forest to produce Laminate Floors.
  • Quick Step uses lock system for the Laminate flooring which eliminates the use of any sort of adhesives.
  • Quick Step Laminate wood flooring and tile flooring do not emit formaldehyde while manufacturing.

The best feature of Laminate Flooring is that when you want to shift your home or want to change the flooring to another room, you just have to unclick and reuse the Laminate in the room you wish to.

Quick Step is pioneering the way by continuously finding new options to reuse, recycle, renew, recover and reduce.

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