Green ways to clean Ceramic Tile floors

Ceramic- Tiles are becoming a better option of flooring, pretty versatile and offer many more options in color, texture, pattern and overall beauty than other tile flooring materials. Today, Ceramic tile designs are virtually indistinguishable from other stone products and great choice, long lasting and add a beautiful effect to anywhere in your home. Ceramic is durable and stylish material to incorporate into your interior home décor also, with some basic maintenance it keeps looking new after ages.

There are different methods of ceramic tile cleaning where you can potentially use. Here you can find a few green methods of ceramic tile cleaning where it is a simple DIY project or you may hire professionals.Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Cleaning Methods

Vacuuming– Cleaning ceramic tile is often a task to remove dust and dirt from your floor. The best vacuum for your ceramic tile floors depends on the specific types of tiles installed to your floor or wall. You can find various vacuum cleaners with ceramic tile attachments where it allows dirt on the floor with no use of cleaners.

Mop with water– One of the best floor cleaning products and most environmentally friendly method, though, and is readily available in your home. Water is effective in keeping your tile floor looking great with no use of harsh chemicals to clean your tiles. Regular mopping with water can take away the dust and dirt on tile and that is the reason Ceramic tile can say as “Climate Friendly” flooring. In addition to mopping with water, you can also add some dish soap in moping bucket to get rid of extra dirt which sticks to the floor and will not damage to your tile or the environment.

Vinegar– Vinegar with water makes a green cleaning solution which is safe to use on ceramic tiles. Add a small amount of vinegar with water in a bucket in order to form a powerful cleaning agent for your ceramic tile, as it is highly acidic it kills bacteria, germs even mold on your floor. Using vinegar is a good idea as it will not discolor the grout in the tile like few cleaners would do. To mask the vinegar smells add few drops of essential oil such as lavender or lemon.

Steam Cleaning– With steam cleaning method, steam will be forced down into the tile and grout with high pressure to clean surfaces with the aid of harsh cleaning agents. With this method, all the dust particles like mold, grease, grime, and grout are easily got free out of your flooring. If you are allergic or have breathing problems would really benefit from steam cleaning, as you do not have to breathe in irritating fumes during the cleaning process. Steam cleaners can remove virtually maximum dirt on ceramic tiles and in the grouted lines.

Tips to Keep Your Ceramic Tiles Clean and Looking New

  • Do sweep or vacuum the floor areas prior to cleaning to remove any dust or debris.
  • Clean up any spills without delay to prevent the grout from changing in color.
  • Rinse the entire area with clean water after cleaning, to remove any cleaning solution residue.
  • Always clean your floors with warm water.
  • Regular sweeping, vacuuming or dust- mopping would enhance the beauty of your ceramic tile flooring.
  • Avoid use of scouring pads or pads of steel wool where it damages the flooring surface.
  • Do not use oil based cleaners to clean your tiles.
  • Do not use cleaners containing acid or bleach or ammonia will spoil the color.

These cleaning methods would certainly help you and always go with proper research to not to get damage to your good looking tiles.

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