Hardwood for Outdoors – Why is it a Bad Option?

Outdoors are generally aesthetic and the space is savored for tea breaks, get together or to relish the beauty of the surroundings, completely recreational. Unlike the indoor, the planning of outdoor flooring and decor should be done carefully. Outdoors is generally prone to high changing weather conditions and maintenance is difficult. While planning the flooring for outdoor the keen aspects to be considered is:

  • Long term easily manageable flooring
  • Adaptable and affordable flooring
  • Eco-friendly and impressive look

Wood FloorAfter an entire house being designed and constructed with great interest and detail, why outdoors to be left fragile? Outdoor flooring can also be designed to give a good deal of attention. The flooring options are plenty and the designs are countless that can build your outdoors beauty. Since the outdoor flooring is exposed to harsh climatic conditions resilient flooring is apt.

Why can’t hardwood be an option for outdoor flooring?

Hardwood flooring requires too much maintenance. It is expensive comparatively and the resources of hardwood supplements are decreasing slowly. Hardwood if not maintained properly the flooring would lose its shine durability and become slippery. It has to be waxed again and again. If the house consists of elderly people and kids who play more outdoors then hardwood is definitely not an option. One exemption is if you are willing to uphold hardwood flooring with regular cleaning and ready to spend economy then this could be a choice.

Few Alternatives Other than Hardwood

Bamboo Flooring: The most attractive artistic simple and impressive flooring option is bamboo patio flooring. Bamboo flooring can sustain under strict climatic changes and is guaranteed for its longevity. The choice of color and pattern according to your taste can supplement a better look. Very less care and more benefits can be obtained through bamboo flooring.

Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic tile flooring can help your flooring withstand throughout the year. It is cost effective and can be cleaned easily. It comes with bright simple colors that give a charm to your flooring.

Rubber Tiles: One good option is rubber tiles which provide a grip in the flooring for people who walk without slipping. People who move frequently in the outdoor area or for elderly people or for some other purpose, this flooring is best suited and easily cleaned and maintained.

Concrete cement and bricks can also be chosen as outdoor flooring depending on the requirements. Although they may not give an elegant look, but are simple and requires very less care.

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