Hardwood or Laminate Flooring: Which One Is Better?

Flooring has always been a principle choice for homeowners, at the same time making a decision between hardwood and laminate can be confusing since both have their own benefits and downsides. Before you choose the type of flooring, you should look for life expectancy, visual impacts, maintenance, ease of fitting and most importantly the cost.

Can’t decide on which flooring looks best for your home? Relax!!

To get a better understanding of hardwood and laminate just consider the following benefits and decide the floor type that suits your home-

Hardwood– “Natural and Non- allergic product”- The richness of hardwood flooring can add unique appeal to any room. Today’s hardwood floors come in more types, widths, and colors than ever before and are extremely durable and versatile. With proper care and maintenance hardwood flooring can last for ages and will add real value to your home. In hardwood floors, you can choose whether you want a click- lock, glueless tongue and groove locking system.  Because of its natural appeal and warmth underfoot, hardwood is extremely stunning and timeless.hardwood-or-laminate-infographic

There are 2 basic types of hardwood floors-

  • Solid wood floors
  • Engineered Wood Floors
  1. Prefinished hardwood floors
  2. Unfinished hardwood floors
  • Though hardwood costs little high, it creates a unique look with its natural appearance.
  • Hardwood can be repaired by sanding imperfections and refinishing.
  • Hardwood is real and elegant and depending on the type of wood, it can add significant value to your home.
  • One of the best advantages of hardwood is that they can be laid directly on top of concrete slabs.
  • Overtime sunlight and too much of water on the hardwood can damage your floors.
  • Hardwood is susceptible to scratching, can get damaged from excessive moisture if essential care is not taken.
  • It can last for ages with proper care and maintenance.

Mostly used for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and dens.

Laminate- “Alternative to real hardwood”- Laminate can mimic a realistic impression of real hardwood, stone, and tile with an extremely durable finish. Though laminate is not real wood, it has become a popular alternative to real hardwood and vinyl floors. Today’s laminate floors have better quality and types of wood species in rustic and antiqued versions.

The basic types of laminate floors-

  • Regular laminate sheets
  • Compact laminates
  • A good DIY product
  • Laminate floors prevent seams from the changes in humidity.
  • To continue its incredible versatility, proper care should be taken for laminate.
  • The wear layer of the laminate floor is extremely tough that makes cleaning and maintenance easy.
  • Laminate flooring cannot be refinished the way real wood can, once it is worn out, it has to be replaced with no choice of repair.
  • Avoid cheap laminate flooring.

Mostly used for living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and dens.

Any floor (hardwood/ laminate) you choose the warranty of the product should be checked because products with higher warranties mean better quality and longer life.

Conclusion- These differences can help you decide whether it is Hardwood or Laminate for your home. Consider all the factors and choose the one that will improve your home’s aesthetics, appeal, and value. To see more types in hardwood and laminate visit Express Flooring store and talk to an expert to help you decide on the type that works best for your home.

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