Hardwood vs Tile: Which One Is Right For your Bedroom

Bedroom flooring is particularly an intimate surface of our home as it is the first thing that our feet touch in the morning and the last thing that helps to climb on to our bed every day. And is also it adds beauty to our home and mental peace to the homeowner. So people select their bedroom flooring option very carefully according to their requirements.

There are different types of bedroom flooring option such as hardwood flooring, tile flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, carpet flooring etc. Out of these the most popular ones for bedroom flooring options are hardwood flooring and tile flooring.

Hardwood Flooring:

Hardwood flooring continues to be one of the most favorites of people for bedroom flooring options. The reason behind these is very simple as hardwood flooring is one of the very beautiful flooring option that one can purchase for his/her home. Hardwood flooring can also be customized by using different wood and finishes, in order to fulfill homeowner’s bedroom flooring desires.

A homeowner can also give a personal touch to his/her bedroom flooring options by purchasing boards that have been hand scraped or distressed. But hardwood flooring drawbacks is its bit costly, but that is justified as it helps to obtain customized bedroom flooring option. Another disadvantage is someone who has hardwood flooring have to monitor his/her bedroom’s humidity levels as well as bedroom flooring exposure to water and fluid spills. It may so happen that hardwood flooring may develop scratches or dents or scrapes after the longer time usage, but it’s not a problem because we can get back hardwood flooring new look  for years together by refinishing it.Which-One-Is-Right-For-your-Bedroom

Tile Flooring :

Tile flooring which is very famous as bedroom flooring options are ceramic tile flooring and stone tile flooring.

1.  Ceramic tile flooring

Ceramic tile flooring has many different styles and different looks that a person dreams as his/her bedroom flooring option. Ceramic tile flooring is generally durable, on-porous and most importantly gives a person an attractive bedroom flooring option. But it is slightly difficult to install than other bedroom flooring options available, but it can be solved by hiring a professional tile installer. And also ceramic tile flooring can chip and scratch due to heavy usage over a period of years but it’s not a major problem as we can replace individual ceramic tiles which are damaged and gain ceramic tiles flooring fresh look back.

2. Stone tile flooring

Stone tile floorings have many common features like stone tile flooring but it’s much tougher than ceramic tile flooring. Few examples of stones that are commonly used as stone tile flooring are graphite, marble, travertine, and sandstone… Stone tile flooring normally are laid with a tighter setting and minimizing grout exposure. And also stone tile flooring places a greater reliance on sealant to offset stone’s porous nature. Stone tile flooring as a bedroom flooring option is expensive than ceramic tile flooring but most of the same cost as hardwood flooring.

It depends on our requirements that which flooring can be our best bedroom flooring option. So we have to evaluate few things such the bedroom flooring option we are interested in is matching with the other room flooring or not, our environmental conditions, issues of maintenance and life cycle of flooring that we are requiring. Hence it’s the person who stays in his/her home can say which bedroom flooring option is best for him/her and discuss it with professional tile experts and move forward, if satisfied with their opinions.

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