Health Care Center Flooring Materials, Patterns, & Color Decisions

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Health care center is one place where flooring is installed with acute care to ensure a safe and healthy environment for both the staff and patients. Flooring is a key aspect while designing health care centers as they focus on the safety of the patients and staff.

Recent manufacturers are considering adding floor padding for hospital flooring under the layer of the flooring material to give a soft surface. The floor padding reduces noise in the corridors that tends to aggravate patients. The floor padding also helps to reduce stress for the staff and prevents serious injury to the patients in the event of a fall.

Flooring Materials to Consider

  • Vinyl – Vinyl is a most sought after flooring material that is installed in health care centers as it is extremely sturdy, durable, dependable and flexible. It is available in various colors, patterns and designs that provide a more aesthetic look to your center. The surface of vinyl plank flooring can be treated to a special anti slip coat to prevent injury which is a very important aspect in health care centers.
  • Carpet Tile – Carpet flooring material is perfect to be used in corridors and nursing stations to reduce the noise and provide additional comfort to the staff. Carpet tiles are convenient as they are much easier to replace in case of damage.

Floor Patterns and Color Decisions

Floor pattern is used to create interest and reduce stress in the patients. Mixing colors and patterns in an appealing manner help to support a patient’s sense of control. It is extremely helpful to create supple, calm and soothing environment to reduce certain anxious moments that tend to occur in health centers. Usage of contrast colors is very helpful for senior citizens as it aids in providing them good eyesight. Kids enjoy a playful environment filled with fancy patterns and designs. It is very important to provide appropriate floor patterns to ensure a simple and serene health center.

Select Durable and Long Lasting Floor Materials

It is very important to consider the flooring material used is completely sustainable and renewable. The installation of the raw materials should not give out any hazardous gases as it can be dangerous to the environment. It is very essential to select a material that is durable and long lasting to avoid continuous refurbishing which is a tiresome job to do.

Flooring in a health care center is very important as they have a direct impact on the efficiency of the staff and the comfort of the patients.

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