Hotel Flooring Trends in 2019

The hotel industry worldwide is booming. It is natural for the hotel companies to open new chains and expand their business and also renovate the old ones to make them look attractive all the time. The thing a customer will notice about a hotel is its interiors or how beautiful it looks. That is why the hotel industry needs to focus on every little detail about the hotel, right from its lobby to the restaurant to the rooms.

The hotel business booms only if it provides best of the services and maintains its attractiveness. One of the important things that every hotel needs to focus on is the flooring. Since flooring is the most visible thing in a hotel lobby in an empty area, the hotelier needs to make sure that it suits the overall ambience of the place.

Hotels are prone to extremely high traffic at almost all times and that is why one of the biggest considerations for them is to use durable flooring which also matched the aesthetics of the hotel. There are different flooring considerations in a hotel such as restaurant flooring, guest room flooring and many more.

Among the various hotels flooring options one gets in the market, only few continue to be in trend in 2016. Here is a list of these options:

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is known to be one of the most durable flooring options available in the market. Since this flooring doesn’t need to be changed for decades, hoteliers are preferring hardwood flooring over carpet flooring this New Year.

One of the reasons for this shift from carpet flooring to hardwood flooring is the dying trends of carpets in the rooms. Customers that are prone to allergies cannot live in those rooms and hence the hotel restricts its options by installing carpet floors. Because hardwood floors are environmentally friendly and do not attract dust, they are more preferred over other options.

hotel-flooring-trendsCeramic Tile

Ceramic tile is not just durable but also very easy to clean and maintain. This flooring can be installed not just in the rooms but also restaurants. Because ceramic tiles are available in a lot patterns and colors and textures, the hoteliers can easily find the type of tile that suits their overall theme.

Ceramic tiles are mostly preferred as restaurant flooring as it can be made to look attractive by mixing various patterns of the flooring and making unique flooring for the area. Also, because this flooring is water resistant and stain proof, even if something spills on the floor, it can be wiped off easily just be using a wet towel.

Porcelain Tile

Another very trendy flooring option of 2016 has been the use of porcelain tiles in the lobby area of the hotel. In the past, hoteliers used to prefer using marbles but with the stone print porcelain tiles flooding the market, the trends have changed over time. Porcelain tiles are durable and easy to maintain just like ceramic tiles.

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