How Flooring Colors Set the Mood

Choosing a color for a room or in fact choosing colors depending on what kind of room is a very difficult task. Whatever color you choose, brings out your imagination and your personality. The color of a room can have control over our moods and thoughts. It does affect our daily lifestyle.

Having the right kind of flooring in your rooms puts you in the right frame of mind to do your daily work. Every flooring kind has a wide range of colors and designs which helps the shopper to find what they are looking for.

For example, if your room is small then you should go for lighter colors so that your room will appear bigger and if your room is huge you can choose darker shades to give a cozy look. If you want a relaxed feel at home, then your best choice would be earth colors (cream, beige, browns etc). If you have red as a color in any of your rooms, it tends to aggravate ones mood and can build up irritation.

In today’s market, earth colors have become popular; therefore people can find high quality floors in soothing shades at almost all the floor dealers. The materials you can choose from are laminate, hardwood, carpets, area rugs, vinyl floors etc.

You should understand the basics of colors. Blues greens and grays are considered to be the soothing colors or the peaceful ones while reds, yellows and browns warm a room and can change your mood accordingly. Darker floors show out the dust and hair/fur and disguise dirt while the lighter floors disguise the dust and hair/fur and show out the dirt.

Make sure to understand that each and every color has a psychological value. They can influence your feelings be it peaceful feeling or feelings of rage. So, when choosing make sure to choose colors that create peace in your home. Colors have the ability to behave in 3 ways: active passive or neutral. So according to the rooms, you can match the colors.

If you want to go for light colored floors or earth tones then the best choice can be hardwood floors or laminates. But if you want to go for some colorful flooring choices then your choice could be wall to wall carpeting or vinyl floors.

How Flooring Colors Set the MoodHardwood floors: Hardwood floors considered to be products of earth colors. They come in strips and planks that can be used to get an elegant look and at the same time increase the value of your home. Many types of woods with pleasing colors have come in to the market that can give a very peaceful look to your home.

Laminate floors: These are also considered to be earth colors as they are a replica of hardwood floors. They are considered to be scratch free and water resistant floors.

Carpeting: This is one kind of floor covering that you can get in any color you want. They are long lasting and easy to install. Usually even in carpets, people prefer light colors, so that the interior design can be colorful.

Vinyl floors: Considered to be a high quality flooring option that is scratch free, resistant to water, long lasting. Bright designs are available according to the themes. For example if planning to install vinyl in your kitchen, go for blues or yellows so that it helps in increasing your appetite.

Area rugs: Be in vinyl, hardwood or carpet itself, you can place area rugs or runners that come in a wide range of colors to enhance your floors.

Colors play a very important role in designing your home, be sure to take as much time as you need before choosing any kind of flooring or color. Make sure that the color and the room complement each other for peaceful living and in the same way increase the value of your home.

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