How to Care Hardwood Floors?

Flooring is one of the most important things of a home. Taking care of great looking floors will ensure that the life of the floors is much longer and you get a fabulous looking home. Going for a classic option like hardwood flooring has become a trend and more and more people are opting for it. There are some steps to follow for hardwood maintenance which will ensure that your floors look and feel great.

Hardwood care can be done following these few simple hacks on your hardwood flooring:


1) If the hardwood flooring has been done in certain high traffic areas then make sure that you clean it with a vacuum using a soft bristled attachment. Using harsh attachments can damage your floors which you would not want. The particles that build up, if not cleaned can cause scratches and add to the aging process.

2) Using a humidifier during the summers when the temperatures are very high will help mitigate the damage caused by shrinkage due to the heat.

3) Change the placement of the furniture to make sure that any damage caused by the sun can be evenly distributed as opposed to just one area of the hardwood flooring looking worn out.

4) Hardwood care also includes ensuring that sharp objects are not left negligently to cause any damage. If you have pets at home, make sure that for the best hardwood maintenance the nails of your pets are cut to avoid any scratching.

5) Hardwood care is best done without a wet-mop or any usage of water while cleaning. Regularly cleaning it with a vacuum or a sweeping broom will do the job for you and also protect the floors.

6) Use no-wax cleaner for optimum wood care. Getting rid of dirt or any spillage of liquids immediately and finishing up with a no-wax cleaner is a great tip for hardwood care.

7) If you want the floors to shine use tea to clean. The tannic acid in the tea adds great shine to your beautiful floors.

8) In high traffic areas use a rug so that the damage that could happen gets reduced. Make sure that you move the rug around if there is direct sunlight falling on that area. Otherwise, the hardwood flooring will start looking worn off in one place and that is something we want to avoid.

9) Keep in mind that different finishes of hardwood flooring need different kinds of cleaning methods. When you are getting, your floors installed ask the people doing the job what would be the best method of hardwood care for the finish of your floors.

There are many little steps that you can follow in order to increase the life of your floors. Floors are a huge investment and while you are spending such a large amount of money a little maintenance will only enhance it.

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