How to Choose Tile Flooring?

For centuries, tile floors have become a popular option with beauty and durability in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and many more. Tiles are available in countless combinations of colors, textures and patterns. Any tiles you opt to can provide the perfect show in all the areas you would like most. When it comes to design your dazzling room, tile flooring offers tremendous choices in crafting a completely unique look.

Tile is economic and great which gives your home a high end look with lots of variety colors, textures and patterns. Choosing tile flooring can be resolved in three ways.tile-flooring

  • Placing of tile
  • Budget
  • Usage of tile.

Placing of Tile– First you need to decide where exactly the tile will be placed. If you are using this tile for a backsplash, counter tops, floors or walls, then most preferable will be stone, ceramic and porcelain are used. Glass tiles are more often used for walls and backsplashes.

In today’s market, Glass tiles are common choice for bathrooms and kitchens as they come in wide mixture of colors and finishes and they’re easily recycled. Mosaic tiles have become increasingly popular as they are usually shaped in rectangle, squares or pennies. These glossy mosaic tiles work well on bathroom floors as they’re easy to clean and provide traction post shower. Floor tile has to be safe to walk on, where you need to make sure that the texture and strength of the tile is right.

Porcelain tile is a common flooring choice which holds the grip and has a tremendously incredible strength and is extremely durable and water resistant material.

Ceramic tile is a good choice for bathrooms as it is easy to clean and doesn’t harbor to microbes and good for other moisture- rich environments. An excellent character of ceramic is- waterproof, sturdy and is a great value for the price.

Consider shape and size– Considering shape and the size of the tile is very important if you’re planning to install the tile yourself. Larger tiles have a distinct look and are easier to fit than smaller size tiles. Also make sure that all the tiles are equal in size because in the manufacturing process it results in variations up to ¼ of an inch.

Budget– There is a wide range of prices for tile. Here you can go with the prices (not including installation):

  • Ceramic tile ranges from $ 2- $ 20 per square feet.
  • Glass tile ranges from $ 7- $ 20 per square feet.
  • Porcelain tile ranges from $ 3- $ 25 per square feet.

Comparatively, Ceramic tile is usually less expensive than glass and when glazed is just as easy to clean.

Usage of tile– While there’s no set industry standard for tile durability, most tiles is classified using PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) ratings, which are:

  • No Foot traffic
  • Light traffic
  • Moderate to light traffic
  • Moderate to heavy traffic
  • Heavy to extra- heavy traffic

Porcelain tile is classified as moderate to heavy traffic and heavy to extra- heavy traffic. This makes as a great choice for a family kitchen. Ultimately, it’s important to choose a floor tile that can withstand to the daily wear and tear of households. So make sure to choose the tile that suits your home and specifically formulated for floor use.

Porcelain tiles will be used for kitchens by most of the families as it is tough and long lasting. Also, Ceramic is well suits for a backsplashes as it can withstand the heat and extremely easy to wipe off. Also, ceramic is an ideal choice for an accented bathroom backsplashes.

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