How to Clean Sheet Vinyl Floors

Among the vinyl flooring options, Sheet Vinyl floors are an all time favourite for bathrooms and kitchens. It is an inexpensive option and has high durability and resistance to moisture. Although people harp about its ease of maintenance, at some point you will have to clean them. Cleaning vinyl floors can be a good DIY project. No need to empty out your pockets by hiring Vinyl Cleaning Services. Just follow the steps and you will be good to go!

How to Clean Vinyl Flooring?

Sheet Vinyl Cleaning Tips:

Begin by sweeping any dirt and dust off the floor. Use a broom with soft bristles to avoid even slight scratches. Or you could simple vacuum the floor. Next, pick up a cleanser from the store which doesn’t require any rinsing. Dilute this with a little water and apply it to your floor with the help of a mop. After this, rinse with a little water and let it dry. Make sure you are wearing gloves throughout the process. Some of these chemicals can be harmful for the skin. Keep kids out of the area.

You will find a lot of stubborn stains. The best thing to do as a maintenance routine is to wipe them up as soon as it happens. But for now, you may need an extra strong stripper. If you have kids, no doubt your floor must have been adorned by crayons and markers. For this, pick up mineral spirits from a hardware store. Apply little on a clean cloth and rub the stains with it. That should take care of it. Rinse it with clean water and allow it to dry.

If you have stains of ink, paint, lipsticks or dye, use rubbing alcohol to get rid of them. Rinse it with water and finish it with a stripper.

Other coloured stains from the edible products can be removed using a baking soda paste. Since it is slightly abrasive, it does the job as well as a stripper pad. This is a good alternative as you must try to avoid scrubbing the floor as far as possible.

Other stains such as nail paint will come off with acetone. But this may dull the shade of the tile so make sure you use a shine enhancer over it. For black heel marks you could use wd40 or cooking spray (Pam). Apply it with a help of a soft towel and rinse with clean water as the floor gets slippery.

While cleaning, make sure you never scrub too hard or use abrasive scrubs. This will damage the surface further. Do not leave the floor wet for a long time. Wipe up quickly.

In order to make the cleaning process a hell lot easier, you need to maintain your sheet vinyl flooring. Use a door mat at the entry of your home to trap as much dirt as possible there itself. Sweep every day. Use a mild vinegar solution to mop your floors. Just a few minutes every day could spare you a lot of work.

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