How to Install American Walnut Flooring

While planning the flooring for your house, there are many options from carpeting to tiling. But now days, hardwood is also a great option for flooring. Wooden floors have risen in popularity largely due to beauty, durability and easy maintenance. Even, hardwood floors can add the most value to your house. Well-maintained wooden floors make your house look luxurious and authentic. 

With so many different types of wood flooring options, color choices and with different finished look, it is hard to choose that which will be the best for your house. American walnut, which is naturally dark in color, is a very good option for your house. As compared to other wood flooring options, American walnut flooring appears to be spectacular and distinguished. This also gives your house a traditional, transitional or diverse look as compared to other wood flooring options. 


Procedure to Install American Walnut Flooring:

Walnut flooring installation is a difficult and a challenging task as it involves a number of steps. There is a particular procedure that is to be followed and one single mistake can be problematic and also cost you with thousands of repairs. So, it is better to hire a professional for the installation to get the best results for your house. Before starting the walnut flooring installation, the professional hired will measure the size of the room and determine the walnut boards needed. He will also do the analysis about the uneven spots and other problems that can arise and take care of those issues.

Initially, the process begins with placing a vapor barrier paper on the sub-floor. This paper will absorbs all the moisture content and also prevents other types of damage to sub-floor. Then, the installer will start placing the walnut boards side by side without leaving space in between those boards. In this process, he will also check the color variation that appear on each board and place with right combination and contrast. Then, these boards are fixed to the flooring by using a series of nails that appears on the surface. The installer also uses wooden staplesto fix boards on the flooring. After arranging each board with proper setting, then the installer will use wood putty to fill the gaps and marks between each board. Then, he will ensure whether all boards are leveled and not razed from anywhere. 

With the diversity in wood flooring options, American walnut hardwood flooring is relatively more durable and dent resistant. Wood installation Phoenix will assist you to select best grades, finishes and colors of your hardwood floors. Wood installation phoenix experts will help you with their dedicated support throughout the process of the installation. Walnut flooring installation requires continuous supervision and observation as to restore their original glow and look. Wood installation phoenix experts also refinish your walnut hardwood floors that protect them for future damage and make them look new again.

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