How to Install Glass Subway Tile

Glass subway tiles create a focal point in any room. Glass tiles come in variety of limitless colors with unique and colorful designs and becoming a better option for interior home decors. Today, these tiles are used for kitchens, around fire places, bathrooms and even in swimming pools. Installing glass subway tiles is similar to installing ceramic tiles, but there are a few important differences. Glass tiles come in many color options with unique patterns which gives a complete new look and feel.

Subway Tile Design

Subway Tile Design

Here you can go with Glass Subway Tile Installation would decently help you without breaking your budget.

You will need-

1. Thinset Mortar (white is the best color)
2. Grout
3. V- notch towel
4. Spacers
5. Tile nipper scoring tool.
6. Grout float.

Step by step procedure to install Glass Subway Tile

  • Start up with a clean surface; it’s free of dust and grime protective carry tops, and your appliances by covering them with a paper.
  • Apply thinset mortar to the wall where it costs a bit more than regular tile mortar, however it would be best for glass tiles and ensure that the mortar is white in color.
  • Apply the thinset using a 3/16” v- notch trowel, spread the thinset as evenly as possible and about ¼ – inch thick and if you want to make sure, follow the manufactures instructions before applying. Then, gently draw the side of the trowel with the corner ridges over the surface which ensures that we have proper amount of thinset.
  • Time to install the tiles- Start in center of the wall and work up and down and left and right. Glass subway tiles should be spaced 1/ 16” to 1/ 8” apart.
  •  Carefully, press the glass into the thin set mixture leaving even spacing between tiles. We recommend using 1/8” spacers to ensure even spacing. If the tiles with no spacing lugs then use plastic spacers to ensure equal spacing. Also, put a light coating of the thinset on back of the each tile. When you come to a switch or a socket, trim the tiles with a nipper. You need to make straight cuts using a tile- scoring tool at the corners which is really a handy tool. In some cases, it will break the glass and leave an uneven edge. So, make sure to cut tile in an order and while you purchase the tiles, make certain to buy extra tiles to practice cutting before you start tiling your home.
  •  Be sure to complete full coverage on the back of the tile in order to avoid the notch marks in the thin set from showing through the glass.
  •  Allow the project to dry for two or three days and when you are sure that the thinset is completely dry, apply the grout. Again, you need to have a clean surface where you have to apply a grout with a tool so called as “Grout Float” where the grout must fill all the joints. Start at the bottom, go up and then sweep side to side. Repeat the process until you have covered the entire wall.
  • Also, it’s more important to wipe away the excess grout with a damp sponge and also make sure to not to have any air bubbles before it dries or it will never get it off once it gets dried.
  • To remove the grout you can use the edge of your tool evenly over the tiles, then wipe with paper towels and make sure not use the water on the grout where it form a film on the tiles.

This is an easy affordable way to add style to your home décor. Sometimes applying these tile installation instructions without proper research may result in unexpected damage to the tiles.

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