How to Install Laminate Flooring?

Laminate is one of the most desired flooring types and has a pretty versatile look, comparatively to any other kind of flooring. Laminate flooring can be easily retained and can add resale value to your home. Laminate is an effortless way to get it done at anytime in a day as it does not need an expert’s hand. Laminate flooring works well in homes with children, in high-traffic areas and even with pets. It gives off the hardwood flooring appearance for less and can make your home appear to be sophisticated. It is scratch-resistant, long-lasting and quiet easy to wash. Laminate is reasonably priced, where you can DIY regardless of any expert. Laminate flooring is worthy as its setup and upkeep is uncomplicated. It doesn’t need to be sanded, stained, nailed band and it is resists from dents, fades, smears and stains.

Always follow these installation steps for Laminate Flooring:

Firstly, these are the necessary equipment required before installing laminate flooring.

  • Tape measureHow-to-install-laminate-floor-doityourself
  • Handsaw
  • Tapping block 
  • Carpenter’s square level
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • Pry bar
  • safety equipment
  • finishing nails
  • spacing blocks
  • pull bar
  • rubber mallet
  • utility knife

Laminate Flooring Installation Process:

  • Begin from the left side of the room and work to the right. 
  • Lay the first full piece with the small tongue side facing the wall. Set the first plank down, and add another piece of the laminate to the right, lining up the short ends and locking them into place.
  • Once , you get to the end of the first row , you need to cut the last piece
  • Measure the distance between the last piece and the wall. Take away a quarter-inch i.e. 6mm, before cutting.
  • Use a pull bar to get the last piece of the row and ensure that the joints between planks are tight. Don’t fail to put the spacer in between the wall and the laminate.
  • Make use of the leftover piece to start the next row, assure that is not too short i.e. it should not be less than 20 cm. 
  • Continue installing row by row, by walking or pressing the boards into the sub-floor and Undercut door trims and door jambs as this allows the floor to move. 
  • In the end, check the height of the recently developed floor against all doors that open into the room as it may be necessary to trim the door to put up the change in the floor’s height.

Phoenix Laminate flooring can be a wonderful choice if you are probing for an affordable and low maintenance choice in flooring. If in case cost or longevity is the overall deciding factor, go with laminate flooring as it is very economical and easy to install.

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