How to Maintain Your Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has become the most popular flooring type for any home. It is strong, easy to maintain and gives a very elegant look at any area. It is easy to maintain but minimum maintenance is required to keep it looking new and stain free.

Following simple tips on a daily basis gives you the clean floors that you desire without much of a hassle.

Some tips to maintain your vinyl floors on a day-day basis:

  • Sweep your floors daily but make sure to use a soft bristle brush to prevent scratches.
  • If a vacuum cleaner is used, be sure not to use the beater bar, this may damage the floor by scratching it.
  • Mop the floors once a week with plain warm water.
  • If you are cleaning your vinyl flooring with soap, make sure there is no residue of soap scum on your vinyl sheets. So when mopping it with a damp cloth, make sure to keep a dry cloth and wipe the floor with the dry cloth immediately.
  • Never use strong cleaners or detergents that have more pH levels. Using them may make your floor lose its shine and gives a dull look.
  • Do not use heavy scrubbing brushes to clean the floor as they can damage the floor.
  • Never steam mop your vinyl floors, the high temperature can cause harm to the vinyl floors.
  • Do not use ammonia to clean vinyl flooring.
  • Do not leave excess water when mopping your vinyl floors as it can cause damage to the sub-floor.
  • Make sure to place door mats, this will keep away dust and dirt from coming in to the house and causing scratches to your vinyl flooring.

How to maintain Vinyl FloorsFurniture or heavy appliances on vinyl floors:

  • Always place floor protectors under your furniture to prevent them from denting your vinyl floors.
  • Do not drag or push heavy appliances or furniture, can cause scratch marks on your vinyl floors.
  • Try to lift and carry or place a sheet of plywood and walk the piece along the panel.

To remove common spills and stains like food, candy, juices, blood, pet spills, ketchup, rust, nail polish, permanent marker etc follow the below tips:

  1. Firstly clean the area with a basic floor cleaner used for vinyl floors.
  2. Take a scrubbing pad that is not rough and scrub the stain.
  3. Clean with a damp cloth and then wipe it clean with a soft dry cloth.
  4. To clean stains caused by pen, permanent marker nail polish use acetone. Once the stain is cleaned, step 3 again.
  5. If there are rust stains, use lemon juice to clean the stain. And then go to step 3.

Follow the below given steps on how to clean any paint, wood polish, and varnish on your vinyl floors:

  1. First rub the area with your hand or with an eraser, try not to use sharp objects like a kitchen knife
  2. You can either use acetone (nail polish remover), isopropyl, or mineral spirits to clean the area.
  3. Try using either by pouring a bit of the liquid on a soft white cloth and wipe it.
  4. Then take a soft bristle scrubbing pad and scrub the area.
  5. Wipe the area with a damp cloth.
  6. Then take a dry cloth and wipe the area clean.

Heel marks or other smudges or scratches:

  1. Use an eraser to rub the scratch marks.
  2. Then use a soft bristly scrubbing pad and scrub the area with the pad.
  3. Then take a damp cloth and clean the area. You can use a non-abrasive liquid to clean your vinyl floors.
  4. Now take a soft dry cloth and wipe it clean without leaving any residue of the detergent.

To maintain a vinyl floor, is very easy if you follow some simple measures from the very first day of installation. You just have to know what to use and what not to use on your vinyl floors to keep them in a good condition and for them to last long.

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