How To Make Your Carpet Last Longer

When you have just installed a carpet, you can realize the cost involved in its installation. Having clean carpet flooring is equivalent to staying healthy. While keeping your carpet clean, you get rid of allergies and also stay away from carpet bugs that might emerge in your carpet. It also increases the value of your house if well maintained and keeps away from bad odors also. Despite of greatest efforts to clean your carpet flooring, dirt, spills and other accidents eventually spoil it. So, your carpet will always look new with right care and maintenance and also lasts for generations.

Cleaning your carpet is much easy than what you think. These are some carpet care tips that will make your carpet look new forever: 

  • Preventing your carpet from dirt and taking good care of it will always save your money, as you need not spend on expensive carpet cleaning products. So, cleaning your carpet frequently with a good quality vacuum cleaner is the best type of carpet maintenance.
  • Using a doormat at the entrance is always advisable.
    Use scissors to cut extra snags and threads. Do not pull it as it may cause damage to your carpet.
  • Always treat the spills immediately as to prevent from turning it into a stain. Apply water for most spills. Do not rub or scrub it harshly as it will cause the stain to set or spread. It also weakens the fiber and reduces its life.
  • If the stain is treated incorrectly, then it will reappear again in future. To avoid this, use an absorbent cloth and leave on it over night. It will soak the stain and then clean it as usual.leather sofas, armchairs and tables in light, empty office; jalousie on windows
  • You can also use a lemon juice, salt solution or non-chlorine bleach that is meant for colored clothes. First apply it on the hidden part of the carpet to check that it will not damage the carpet then apply on the affected part by simply brushing it. A solution of water and vinegar can also help to deal with many stains.
  • You should always use the best chemical product to clean your carpet. Whenever you are using a chemical product, you must read the manufacturer’s guidelines before applying it on your carpet. This will prevent your carpet from the harmful effects of the product.
  • Using heat, iron or hair dryer to dry your carpet may harm the beauty of your carpet. It will also cause the stain to become permanent. In case of extensive water damage, get it dried professionally.
  • Steam cleaning is always beneficial to increase the life your carpet. You can use a deep cleaning machine or get it professionally done. During summer and spring season, often many carpet beetles and bugs come out of your carpet. So, cleaning it professionally once in every six months can prevent your carpet from damage caused by these organisms.

Carpets add beauty and warmth to your house. So, cleaning your carpet is always essential to make it look new and fresh. Proper cleaning of carpet especially on high traffic area is very important and makes it long lasting.

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