How to Protect Your Hardwood Floor

Are you looking to redo your flooring with beautiful hardwood floors? It sure does increase the value of your home but you must keep in mind the amount of maintenance it requires. Hardwood is the best option to have as your flooring, as long as you know how to keep them as beautiful as they were when you first laid them.

You can find a few places your hardwood needs attention:

Damage from moisture: Usually people think that moisture damage can happen due to flooding or large spills, but that is not true. Moisture damage can happen from the smallest of spills if not cleaned immediately and also through climatic changes. One thing that can avoid this damage is to make sure that a reasonable level of humidity control or air-conditioning is maintained during summer. And in winter, when the air is dryer, heat can cause damage too by causing the wood to pull away at the seams, so make sure that the humidity levels are left constant.

Hardwood flooring goes through changes: As hardwood is a natural product, it has the tendency to expand and contract. There may be some areas that come above the level or go below, this tendency is called cupping. It happens mostly due to, a leak or water sitting for too long or even humidity can cause it. Make sure you check the areas that are not even, before your entire floor gets spoilt; it can be improved by sanding.

How to protect your hardwood floorWhat should be done on a daily basis to protect your hardwood floors?

  • First and foremost you must prevent scratches on your hardwood floors. To do that you must and should put on felt pads on the bottom of your furniture.
    Clip dog nails.
  • Regularly vacuum your floor and then mop it with a damp soft cloth.
    If spills occur wipe immediately. This will prevent your floor from warping.
  • Place door mats near the entry way, this will stop the dirt from coming in. make sure you don’t allow people in with shoes.
  • Grit stuck under shoes can damage the wood finish. High heels shouldn’t be allowed as they can easily dent your floor.
  • Make sure you renew your finish once every couple of years. Just needs light sanding and a few coats of polyurethane to make it look bright.
  • Never use cleaners that contain vinegar, ammonia, wax or oily soaps. Using these can dull the top coat of your floor.

Hardwood flooring can be a very important part of your home. Use the above tips to enjoy your hardwood flooring. Hardwood has a natural beauty of its own, and with this being an inbuilt characteristic, hardwood looks different in different homes depending upon the interiors. Make sure to care for the flooring, for it to last as long as you want it to.

How to Protect Your Hardwood Floor was last modified: March 28th, 2019 by Express Flooring