How to Quiet down Hardwood Flooring Squeaks

Hardwood is one of the most favored flooring materials. But many don’t like the squeaky sounds that come from these floors. The reason behind squeaks from your wooden flooring is due to floorboards rubbing against each other. This sound usually occurs either due to improper installation or longevity of the flooring. It is advised to spread graphite in between the squeaky boards to reduce the noise by lubricating them. If this technique does not work, it is recommended to drive through nails into the flooring surface to prevent the boards from rubbing and quiet down the hardwood flooring.

Wooden-FloorsWork under the Floor

  • It is necessary to first know the source of the squeaks. So, walk across the floor to determine the exact location of the squeak.
  • See if any nails are hanging out of the floor or joints. If the nails are out either drive them in or cut them using diagonal cutters. It is advised to remove loose nails and drive through as many nails as possible to tighten the secondary floor with the joints.
  • It is advised to close the gap between the joist and the floor without the need to raise the floor. This can be done by inserting a shim between the floor joists and the plywood underlayment.
  • Use a screw that is 11/4 inches long into the joist using the shim at an angle of 45 degrees. It needs to be screwed till it holds itself into the plywood tightly against the joist.

Work above an Uncovered Floor

  • Use a cordless drill that is used for hardwood flooring with a 7/64 or 3/32 bit for hard or soft floors respectively.
  • Try to find the exact location of the squeak by walking to and forth on the floor.
  • Use a 3/32 inch bit to drill a hole near the squeak. It is advised to drill the screw into the floor till the screw head snaps so that you can throw away its head and fill in the hole with wood and color that will suit the floor.

Work On a Carpeted Floor

  • While working on a carpet floor it is recommended to prevent any damage to the carpet.
  • Find the exact location of the squeak using a stud finder. It is advised to use an extremely powerful stud finder to penetrate through the flooring.
  • Using a depth control device, drive the squeak removing screw directly into the floor.
  • Lift the device from the screw and press it side ways to break the head of the screw.
  • Use the same procedure to remove all the squeaks from your flooring.

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