How to Select a Laminate Floor?

From marble to wood to ceramic tile, today’s laminate can mimic almost any surface, making it a superior quality, economical option to the home owners on budget. Laminate is extremely simple to install, easy to keep up and offers tremendous resistance to stains and wear. However, it absolutely depends on which one is right for you?csempe

Here are the aspects you should keep in mind before you select a right laminate floor:

  • What’s your style
  • How will you install it
  • AC Ratings

What’s your Style?

There are limitless colors, textures and finishes of laminate floors. Laminate has a photographic mimic of rare exotic hardwoods and rich stones. It can be slightly susceptible to excess moisture, so laminate flooring might be not a good idea for bathrooms or covered patio’s, apart from it laminate is an extremely versatile product.

Laminate has its own characteristics, benefits and styling. Laminate flooring is most flexible and affordable comparatively to the other flooring options available in the market. You get laminate floor with a hand- scraped look, oil finish, wide, long, short or narrow planks to choose from, creating a unique style to your home.

How will you install it?              

Installing a laminate floor is very simple and quick to install and not messy as other flooring options. No nail, staples, glue or a tape is required and is typically floated over a level subfloor. Laminate wood flooring can be installed in any room as it doesn’t have any area specifications. You can simply leave a portion of inch around the edge (Perimeter) of the room and hook up your laminate together. It fastens quickly and tightens almost with no gaps between the pieces.

And of course the most important factor of laminate is the underlayment. Similar to carpet cushion, laminate has a soft sub-floor that acts as a moisture barrier, absorbs noise and keeps the floating floor in position. Some laminates come in pre-attached padding to the underlayment that protects from moisture beneath the sub-floor.

AC Ratings:

AC (Abrasion Class) rating is used to indicate the durability level of the laminate flooring. These ratings are a short code of a laminate’s resistance to stress and this help buyers understand the difference in durability among laminate flooring products. These ratings are based on resistance to burns, impact, scratches and swelling.

Each product is assigned an AC rating number. Here’s what they mean:

  • AC 1- the first AC rating suits for moderate residential use, including bedroom and closets.
  • AC 2- Suitable for common residential applications like living and dining rooms.
  • AC 3- Suitable for all residential purposes and light commercial use including hotel rooms and small offices.
  • AC 4- Suitable for all residential and general commercial places, including offices, boutiques and cafes.

AC 4 rated Laminate Floors suits well for high traffic residential areas and light commercial use. While you see a rating of AC 4 on laminate, you can assure that you will be installing a long- lasting floor. AC 4 rated laminate flooring will be installed in the busiest residential areas as well as general commercial spaces. An AC 4 rated laminate floors would be a good option for both high residential and light commercial spaces.

  • AC 5- Suitable for all residential applications and heavy commercial applications such as public buildings, departmental stores etc.

All manufacturers of Laminate Flooring are bound to follow these standards for the benefit of customers. Select the best laminate for your home but make sure that you look back of the sample board for the AC ratings before you choose the right one. 

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