How to Select the Right Commercial Flooring Product?

The first thing to be considered with commercial flooring is the specific application that will be used for. The material you choose should match to the environment, traffic and the usage of the floor. Getting the right flooring product into the right place can be very challenging.

Below are the steps that will help to select the best flooring to meets your expectations for your commercial interior space.Cornerstone-Commercial-Flooring-EA-Sports-4-1030x809

Installation– Any flooring that you choose is going to have an initial cost associated with purchasing and installing the material. However, you want to look at both then, apparently term costs will be associated within your choice. In some cases, a flooring option that may be more expensive at the outset, if it is highly durable it may require less maintenance or repair.

Maintenance– It is important to consider the costs associated with maintaining any commercial flooring application. Materials like concrete flooring or epoxy treated floors are relatively easy to keep clean and carpeting can be vacuumed simply on a usual basis. Wherein, materials like natural stone and vinyl may require more thorough cleaning and buffing in order to maintain their appearance. In the areas of fast and easy clean up hard surfaces are better to opt for, in which for wet environments you need impenetrable surfaces in order to avoid cracking and the growth of mold.

Durability– Though with regular maintenance many commercial flooring applications will wear out and need to be replaced every few years. The longer the life of the material, the less will be the cost issue.
Ease of Replacement- The durability of a material can be balanced against how easy it can be removed and replaced. There the amount of foot traffic is an important consideration to keep in mind and if your business experiences a high volume of foot traffic, it will be worthwhile to choose a commercial floor that can endure it, such as granite which is tremendously durable, Vinyl or rubber can also be preferred. On the other hand carpet wears out every few years in high traffic applications, yet it is quite inexpensive to replace.

Weather– In some cases environmental factors may also play an important role in commercial floor you choose. If the environment is particularly wet, or where snow tends to accumulate during winter months, then you should consider moisture control. For an Eco- friendly flooring options you may choose bamboo or cork as these are sustainable options among many commercial spaces.

Safety– The traction of a flooring material is especially important in high traffic areas. Polished marble floors are attractive and elegant, but when buffed there will be a danger of slippage. At moist environment areas you should choose a material with extra traction such as epoxy quartz.

Comfort– Choose the floor that create a certain ambiance and which provides comfort to your customers. For a warmth feel, and at ease, such as in hospitals or schools then carpet is the best option where it dampens noise. But, if the interior space is prone to spills, then carpet may not be the best option to go with. For the places such as retail showrooms you may choose marble, slate or mosaic porcelain tiles used in flooring.

Ultimately, although choosing the best flooring material to your commercial space in meeting your expectations, however it should be properly installed with no delays. When looking for a commercial floor installer, look for one that can quickly do the job with quality service and competitive pricing.

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