Important aspects about Laminate Floor

Having laminate floors at your home is a remarkable idea as they add beauty like none other type of flooring. They are relatively cheaper, a very strong flooring kind and they are resistant to scratches and dents. Laminate floors have the quality to mimic real hardwood floors. As these are all the qualities you can think about when we think about laminate floors, one thing we have to understand is that there are some important aspects to be considered when thinking of laying laminate floors at your home.

If these important aspects are not taken into consideration, your flooring may fall apart much sooner.

Important aspects about Laminate FloorSome features/aspects to consider about laminate floors:

  • The underlayment
  • The trim
  • The warranty
  • The nails of your pet

Underlayment: Underlayment or padding is the spongy foam sheet. This is rolled out in between the sub-floor and the laminate planks. Usually they come together. If they are not attached to the laminate floors, we highly suggest that you buy some padding rolls to install. Underlayment is not optional. You must make sure to select the proper kind of underlayment as it plays a very vital role in regards to the stability of the floor. Underlayment thickness varies from 6mil – 8mil. It is usually 3 feet wide and the length can be within 30 to 100 feet long.

If you are installing over a concrete sub-floor, then it is better to use an added layer of vapor barrier of 6-mil. This is suggested in case there is a tear then the extra vapor barrier will act as a protective layer. Underlayment’s performance usually depends on the price we pay for it. The more we pay the better the performance. Underlayment’s that are white in color are the cheaper quality ones and they do not do justice for the laminate flooring.

Two main reasons why underlayment is an important aspect:

  1. If there are any minor problems with the sub-floor underlayment helps remove them
  2. Underlayment delivers high end performance of your floor.

Trim: The second most important aspect to consider is the trim. It is a baseboard that is installed between the wall and the floor. As wood expands and contracts with climatic changes, it helps to fill the gaps between the floor and the wall and also in creating an attractive look.

The quality of laminate: When purchasing laminate, you must take into consideration the time you will be living in the house. If you are going to be living there only for a limited period of time, then it is not worth buying a laminate and paying for a 25 years warranty. And vice versa, if you are going to stay for a longer period of more than 5 years then you must prepare yourself to buy a laminate with a good warranty.

If you have high level of wear and tear with kids around, then you must go for high quality laminate. This is because; kids are active and will want to ride bicycles or may drop something while playing on your laminate floors. Keeping these considerations in mind, you must decide whether to go high quality laminate with good warranty or normal laminate with minimum warranty.

Pet nails: The last concern with laminate floors is whether you have pets at home. If you have pets at home the performance of your laminate floors may get affected. Pet nails will scratch your laminate floors and if your pets are big dogs then you must consider taking an expensive laminate with good warranty. The expensive laminate tends to perform better under these circumstances.

You must also know that the light and the dark colored floors tend to show out the scratches when compared to medium toned floors.

Cleaning and maintaining your laminate floors are very easy when compared to other flooring option and this is the main aspect to consider when looking for a flooring choice. Keeping all these important aspects, once you have chosen laminate as your flooring option, it is the best choice in today’s market that has a number of advantages and options.

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