Important Consideration for Slate Tile Flooring

Slate- is a natural stone in the family of metamorphic rocks, which consists of quartz, mica, chlorite and also calcite. Many people today opt for slate flooring, as it is extremely durable and long- lasting floor surface. It resist to chipping and cracking as well with little care. Unlike other natural stone tiles, slate tile flooring resist damage from acidic substances such as soda, tea and wine as the ceramic does. A major consideration in installing slate tile is heavy in weight. Slate is valued for its natural beauty and is more expensive than ceramic tile. Properly installed slate flooring makes dependable flooring.beautiful-tile-floor-overland-park-by-archadeck slate Though it’s reliable floor covering, but before installing you have to consider certain points to go with slate flooring

  • Consider foot traffic, climate, water and soil before buying the right kind of slate also; buy the stone as per the required area you want to install.
  • Make sure that you have bought right color, thickness and the size of the stone before installing slate stone on the floor.
  • It is essential to consider the substrate over which you want to install the floor as the substrate will differ with the slate stone. Also, the substrate you are going to install should be solid, as on flexible surface such as plywood. Before purchasing the slate stone flooring you can check from slate supplier or representative.
  • Buy the required amount of the material at a time to not to install different types of tiles if necessary.
  • It you want to install slate stone on wood, and then exterior grade plywood is preferable.
  • Sealing slate floor is very important as it reduces the staining on the slate.
  • Substrate should be cleaned for proper installation and before installing the surface it should be completely dry where you shouldn’t install on wet surface.
  • Do not keep the slate tiles just the same; seal these tiles properly with a sealer.
  • Do not start grouting immediately; leave at least a day before grouting as the mortar set in place properly.
  • It is highly resistant to stains, which makes slate as an ideal choice for the kitchen. So, slate flooring is the best choice in cleaning where it doesn’t need a lot of fussy cleaning procedure.
  • There is no way that in losing its polish, luster and color over a period of time and usage, where you can say it looks new for ages.

Slate Flooring and Cold Weather– The main drawback of slate is that it is extremely colder in winter under foot. It can be easily avoided by prior to its installation by proper insulation. This is the most common problem experienced when it comes to slate.

Scratching of Slate Flooring– Slate can chip easily if it is not maintained properly. In order to minimize the scratching, it is highly advisable to use floor protectors under furniture legs.

Slippery in nature– It could be little slippery depending upon the polishing level. Over polishing would results in extreme slippery where you have to take an appropriate care.

As you can see there are a lot of considerations, so prior to making a decision, weigh all of the options. Nonetheless, benefits pay off to a larger extent to the drawbacks as it’s a best material and design for your home. For more information visit our website.

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