In Search Of Flooring For A New House? [Things To Know]

With So many options available, you could use one type of flooring all throughout your home, but that would be doing yourself a major disservice and taking away many of the benefits that common flooring solutions have to offer. When you are refinishing a home or building a new home, it’s important to think about which flooring solutions are best for the different spaces that you are finishing. For example, a bathroom is known for being damp, so it’s important to use a flooring solution that’s water resistant like tile flooring.

A living room, on the other hand, isn’t often damp and is meant to be comfortable. Tile flooring would work in there as well but is much harder than a flooring option like wood flooring or carpet. Naturally, choosing tile is a popular choice for Arizona residents as it is cooler to the touch in our hot climate. By relying on a tough flooring that will work everywhere functionally, you take away some character and comfort from your home. That’s exactly why you have to think about these sorts of trade-offs when you choose the flooring for your own home.

We’ve listed most of the rooms that you’ll find in a typical Arizona home today and explained which flooring options are best for each space. Take a look at our recommendations and speak with a design consultant before deciding which flooring option to use in your next room renovation and you might end up changing your mind.

1. Attic

Attic space can be cozy when finished and made into bedrooms, or it can be a cool storage location for all the extra stuff that you have around your home. If you want cozy finished rooms to consider carpet, vinyl flooring, wood flooring or laminate flooring. These options are lighter than stone flooring or tile and they have a softer feel to them as well. If using something like wood or carpet make sure that your attic space is weatherized very well or you’ll run into problems.

2. Ballroom

When finishing a ballroom floor the best option to use is wood flooring. Wood flooring is beautiful to look at, highly durable and comfortable for dancing on for extended periods of time. The trick to making your ballroom flooring as enjoyable as possible is to lay it over a subfloor material that has some give to it and to protect the wood flooring with a wood oil that will help seal the floor without giving it a sticky feeling that a polyurethane finish would give the flooring. Natural hardwood flooring is best, though engineered wood or even laminate is a better solution than many other harder flooring options would be.

3. Box Room

Wood or laminate flooring is best for a small box room that will serve as a bedroom, while tile or vinyl should be used in such a space that’s going to serve as a storage space. The wood-like flooring will give a bedroom space a more comfortable feel and adding warmth, while tile or vinyl will stand up to spills and messes common in a storage space.

4. Cellar

If you must floor a finished basement or cellar space in your home, make sure that you use something as water resistant as possible. We strongly recommend porcelain flooring because it’s one of the most moisture resistant flooring options. Porcelain tile is highly durable and can be had in a range of finishes to achieve the desired look you have in mind. This flooring option should be installed over top of a tough subfloor that’s also water resistant and needs a durable grout for best results.

5. Cloakroom

A cloakroom is a space in your home designed to house all the coats of your family and any guests that you have. If you happen to have one of these rooms in your own home, it’s important to put the right sort of flooring down in them. Choose a tile flooring or vinyl flooring that will hold up to all the dirt, debris and moisture that builds up in these spaces. If you choose a nice looking floor option that will dress up this space even more and welcome your guests to your home.

6. Conservatory

A true conservatory is a place for plants, moisture, and life. It’s exposed to heavy amounts of sunlight and needs to be floored carefully for long-term durability. Make sure to use a tough flooring solution like stone flooring for this type of space. Stone flooring stands up to moisture well, doesn’t fade too bad from sunlight and isn’t something you have to worry about spilling dirt on. Just make sure that you are using a tough flooring solution in this application, or you’ll be replacing the flooring again before you know it.

dining room

7. Dining Room

Outfit your dining room with a tough but elegant sort of flooring that you’ll be proud to show off, but that’s easy to clean as well. Something like wood flooring, laminate flooring or vinyl flooring works well in this type of situation. You could also use tile flooring or stone flooring in your dining room with good results. Avoid using carpet in this type of space because it will be difficult to keep clean and maintain over time.

8. Drawing Room

Make sure that your drawing room is as cozy of a space as possible by installing high-quality carpet flooring or wood flooring to space. A quality laminate flooring solution will also work for this purpose, but with either of the hard flooring options, you should add a throw rug or two to soften up space even more. The purpose of a drawing room is to welcome people to your home and to give them a comfortable place to relax. The harder and colder the flooring solution you use in this space, the less welcoming your home will be, so think before you choose a product.

9. Game Room

For a game room, or entertainment room or man cave, you want a tough flooring option that can stand up to abuse, and that’s easy to clean over time. We highly recommend something like vinyl flooring for this purpose. Vinyl flooring is perfect for a game room because it’s softer than tile or stone flooring, making it comfortable to stand on for extended periods, but it’s also highly durable and moisture resistant, so you don’t have to worry about spilled drinks.

10. Hall

A hall can be floored with most types of flooring with good effect. If it’s an upstairs hall using carpet would help to keep it quiet for everyone down below. Otherwise, any sort of durable flooring solution is a good option to go with.

11. Landing

For a landing in your home go with a flooring solution similar to the rest of your stairs. If your stairs have carpet flooring go with carpet if they are wood go with a wood flooring solution or laminate flooring. Carpet makes an excellent material for a landing because it is non-slip, but you should always match the landing with the rest of the stairs to achieve a stylish finish.

12. Larder

The larder of your home is an important place for storing all your food and bulk items. This space needs to be tough and moisture resistant more than anything else. Consider tile flooring, vinyl flooring or stone flooring for the above reasons over something like wood flooring or laminate flooring.

13. Library

When finishing a library, you want to go with a sophisticated and warm flooring solution to make the space more welcoming. This is why wood flooring is a popular option to consider. If you don’t want to go with a wood flooring, you should consider laminate flooring or maybe even carpet flooring to keep the space comfortable and pleasant to look at. Something like tile or stone flooring would make the space colder and less welcoming.

14. Music Room

A music room is a nice place to relax in your home and for some serious musicians a place to record new songs. Either way, it’s a space that you want to sound good, and one of the keys to making that happen is to choose the right sort of flooring. When you’re flooring a music room the best solution to go with is wood flooring. Many people believe that carpet flooring is good for music, but wood flooring will actually improve the sound of most instruments and create a better playing experience.

office space

15. Office

Office space should be focused around getting work done, but the flooring that you choose doesn’t have to be hard or imposing. Generally, a very short pile carpet, a hardwood floor or laminate floor are the best options for office space. They are comfortable to walk and to sit on, warmer flooring solutions and they hold up well to rolling office chairs. Flooring solutions like tile will work as well, but they are colder and less pleasant to be on. If you insist on using something like tile in your office, add a soft mat to the area that you’ll be sitting or standing in to make it more comfortable.

16. Pantry

Your pantry is home to all sorts of foods and liquids and should have flooring that’s easy to clean. That’s why it’s best to go with a vinyl flooring, stone flooring or tile flooring solution for space. Any spills will wipe up easily, and moisture will not be a problem for you.

living room

17. Living Room

A living room is a comfortable space to relax in and a place to entertain guests. For those two reasons, you want to have a space that’s comfortable, and that looks nice. Generally, wood flooring, laminate flooring or carpet flooring are the best options for a living room. Tile and vinyl flooring work as well, but they are a bit colder and not as welcoming as the other options are.

guest room

18. Guest Room

A guest room can have any sort of flooring that you like, but the best flooring options for you to consider are laminate, carpet or vinyl flooring. Guest rooms are often left unused for long periods of time, so it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money for the other more expensive flooring options on this list. Carpet or laminate offers a more cozy flooring option, but vinyl flooring is easier to clean if you’ll be having lots of child guests.


19. Bathroom

For a bathroom space in your home, you want a flooring solution that’s resilient to moisture and easy to clean. For that, your best options are tile flooring or stone flooring. Both of these options hold up really well to moisture and are simple to clean when you need to wipe them down. Vinyl flooring can also be used in a bathroom with good results. Be sure not to use something like hardwood or laminate flooring because it will rot very quickly. Another bonus of something like tile or stone flooring on your bathroom (For those who live in colder climates) is that you can add radiant heating underneath the floors and warm them up for more comfort when stepping out of the shower in the winter. This isn’t possible with many other flooring options.

20. Utility Room

The utility room of your home is used to store cleaning products, cleaning tools and perhaps hold things like the furnace out of plain sight. These rooms tend to experience heavy traffic, and it’s common for objects to be dropped or spilled in them. That’s why it’s best to go with a stone floor or a vinyl floor. These flooring solutions can often withstand dropped objects, and they are resilient enough to stand up to spilled liquids as well.

Hopefully, these recommendations give you something to think about before you go to put flooring into a room of your home. There are always considerations to be made no matter what floor of your house you’re going to cover, and we think we’ve covered many of them up above.

This doesn’t mean that we’re always right though, and we encourage everyone to think about which flooring option is going to work best for them for a particular space. Who knows, you might come up with an even better option for your own home. Just make sure you consider the different benefits and drawbacks of flooring options before you decide what you will put in the different areas of your home.

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