Interior Design Guide: Home Trends for 2019 with Before & After Pics

If you’re curious about new interior design trends and what to look for in 2019, with new design concepts, color schemes, and room and flooring pattern ideas from Houzz, HGTV, and others, here is the Interior Design Guide with Home Trends for 2019.

Latest Interior design trends

Included are before and after pictures that can help with your room transformations and tips to help you create similar looks and color schemes on any budget.

This guide includes:

  • Brabbu 2019 interior design trend recommendations
  • Indecor Trends 2019 interior design trend recommendations
  • Interior design before and after concept ideas from Bold Form Designs, Area Interior Designs, and Robeson Design

The featured interior designers in the last section have been featured in Houzz and have design concepts similar to HGTV (and a few stunning remodeling looks that will amaze you).

Flexible and Dynamic Pieces, Wood, Glass, and Stone, Retro, and Terrazzo and Terracotta – Brabbu

Brabbu is a contemporary home furnishing design brand that showcases urban living and intense uses of color. With intricate details in their lighting, tables, chairs, sofas, and other furnishings, their designs clearly express their bold sense of color and style, and use of fabric. Follow them @brabbu/.

When looking to 2019, expect to see more minimalist creations that showcase a room and look for mixed color patterns. Terrazzo flooring will be big as will colored glass and wood partitions. Another trend to expect is the use of warmer mixes of color patterns on walls and a mix of tile patterns on flooring.

To help create your 2019 interior design looks, in this link, view:

  • Living room: Elegant decorative glass tables, a velvet sofa, matching chairs, and blond herringbone flooring.
  • Bedroom: Natural herringbone floors, a marble table, modern lighting, and velvet bed.
  • Bathroom: The bathroom shows the mix of terrazzo flooring patterns and the colorful glass dividers.
  • Sitting area: A cozy nook with simple furnishings and beautiful, natural hardwood flooring in a herringbone pattern.

In looking at 2019 design trends, Brabbu turned their attention to furniture, colors, and materials for the home:

Wood Flooring, Glass Dividers, and Natural Stone Tiles

While carried over from 2018, expect to see a continuation of timeless elegance from wood, glass, and natural stone. As you decorate with these materials, consider wood flooring, glass room dividers, and natural stone for your floors, wall tiles, and backsplash.

Pet-friendly wood flooring

An alternative if you’re budget-conscious is to use vinyl flooring which can replicate wood or stone and is remarkably hard to distinguish.

Glass room dividers are a colorful way to section off a room, create a cozy reading area, or add a touch of whimsical color.

Terracotta and Terrazzo Flooring

Another trend that is gaining momentum is terracotta flooring. What makes terracotta and terrazzo a special trend for 2019 is that you can mix and match tile patterns. Consider mixing lighter and darker terrazzo flooring patterns.

Terrazzo is composite materials made from quartz, glass, and marble. On the other hand, terracotta flooring can resemble natural stone. A cheaper alternative is vinyl or laminate flooring.

Terracotta and Terrazzo flooring

Next, let’s take a look at Indecor Trend’s selections for 2019 before turning our attention to before and after interior design concepts that will just floor you!

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Earthy Colors, Marble, Hidden Appliances, Geometric Shapes, Colored Floor Tiles, Terracotta, and Cork – Indecor Trends

Interior Design Trends or Indecor Trends, knows a thing or two about transforming difficult spaces into reformed and modern living spaces. The site is online media made, meaning they share the best tips and interior design methods from various sources.

Whether it’s a simple kitchen and bath remodel or a complete regut, their use of colors, furnishings, and flooring patterns can open any room and give it life.

With warm and earthy colors, marble accessories, geometric shapes, and hidden appliances use the link to view what Indecor Trends suggests for 2019:

  • Living Spaces: With modern styles as the trend, living spaces will include plush carpeting or terrazzo flooring. Area rugs will also be used as accentuating pieces.
  • Kitchens: Expect to see more all-black kitchens with hidden appliances. Large open spaces will provide room for cooking kitchen islands to make the spaces more functional.
  • Sitting Areas: A big concept for 2019 will be small sitting spaces that include simple furnishings. Look for simple lighting, comfy, curved sofas and curved, geometric shapes.
  • Bathrooms: Another big interior design trend will be the use of terracotta tiles and mixed wall tiles. The mix of warmer color schemes will make for a welcoming bath. Indecor Trends also anticipates a lot of plants to fill living spaces and bathrooms.
  • Bedrooms: Expect to see more elegant headboards and bold uses of color amidst the backdrop of neutral tones.

Cork Flooring and Wall Accessories

A number of designers have started incorporating cork flooring into their design schemes. It’s more cushiony underfoot and the cork is easy to work with. It also comes in many color schemes and patterns.

With wall accessories, expect to see hanging shelves, large maps, colorful artwork, Boho designs, large clocks, rustic accent pieces, and oversized mirrors.

Velvet and Other Rich Fabrics

Indecor Trends 2019 design trends include bold uses of color with soft fabrics like velvet. Velvet is one fabric that a lot of designers are working into their interior design creations for 2019. Velvet will be carried into the bedroom in duvets, furnishings, and headboards. In the living room, it will be used often in sofas, sectionals, and comfy, lounge chairs.

Bedroom interior design with velvet and other luxurious fabric

Other fabrics that will be used will include burlap, faux sheepskin and faux fur, and Jute and other natural fiber carpeting.

Need help finding any of the rugs or flooring styles shown from Indecor Trends? Let an interior designer or flooring specialist help you recreate a look or matching color scheme today.

Stunning Interior Design Before and After Home Décor Creations

One of the best ways to envision a new look in your rooms, a new color scheme throughout your home, or a new flooring pattern in your spaces is to see before and after images. While you can visualize what a room might look like, interior designers can help you draw out colors and show you how to brighten or at times, darken a room, for a more dramatic effect.

We’re turning our attention next to some of the country’s best interior design companies to showcase their elegant room and flooring transformations. Not only can these looks help you with your 2019 interior design ideas, but you might have a hard time choosing the best look:

Bold Form Designs

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Bold Form Designs is a design studio that specializes in exceeding their clients’ expectations. With stunning home remodels, their work reflects simple ways to showcase furnishings, add a bit of color, or incorporate new décor into any room. Follow them @boldform_designs/.

Bold Form Designs has been featured in Houzz and as you can tell from the link, they have elegant and stunning room transformations:

  • Bedroom: A color change to the walls and vinyl plank flooring help bring elegance to a bedroom.
  • Bathroom: The bathroom tub and old tile flooring were removed. A vinyl flooring, wall tile, and new tub helped transform this look.
  • Kitchen: The new terracotta flooring, paint, and light fixture change give this kitchen a cozy country vibe.
  • Kitchen 2: The dark brown vinyl plank flooring, new kitchen island, stainless steel appliances, barstools, and lighting fixtures helped upgrade this kitchen to a modern city look.
  • Tip: Click on their other images for helpful before and after ideas.

Bold form room designs

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Area Interior Design

When looking to transform small urban spaces, look no further than Area Interior Design. Based out of New York City, Janine Carendi MacMurray has impeccable attention to design details and draws light and color out of every design project. She knows how to make living spaces functional. Follow her @areainteriordesign.

A great reason Area Interior Design stands out is they showcase how to open rooms by mixing color schemes. Click on the link for a few stunning before and after styles:

  • Sitting room: A trend for 2019 is quaint personal spaces as shown here. The wall was knocked out to add the sitting area with the sectional sofa.
  • Kid’s rooms: Using bold color lets a child show their individual style. Whether ceramic tile flooring is used or hardwood flooring, the floors are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Bathroom: Bathroom tiles in a mosaic pattern or with tile accents can make a smaller bathroom look larger.
  • Foyer: A chevron floor pattern is an elegant look that’s welcoming in any small space like a foyer or hallway.

Area interior room design

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Robeson Design

Based out of San Diego, California, Robeson Design specializes in designs for innovative spaces. Under the tutelage of remarkable designer Rebecca Robeson and her team, her styles are breathtaking as she can transform any room. Follow Robeson Design @rebeccarobeson.

Professional Robeson designs

One of the reasons to explore designers like Robeson Design is that they can help you add subtle hints of color to your 2019 remodeling projects.

Take a look at the link for the best interior design before and after transformations:

  • Dining Rooms: The rich textures and fabrics are what distinguish a Robeson dining room remodel from any other designer. Robeson Design uses a mixture of Saxony, Berber and Frieze carpeting.
  • Kitchens: In some of the kitchen remodels, Robeson Design uses vinyl flooring or laminate flooring. These are cheaper than natural wood or stone, easy to clean and maintain, and they can be installed the same day.
  • Living Spaces: Your 2019 living spaces might include vinyl plank flooring or distressed wood. With the clean looks, you can add an accent area rug or Berber carpet flooring that matches your décor.
  • Bedrooms: Robeson uses a combination of wood flooring and carpeting in their bedroom remodels. Styles vary based on preference and the comfort you want to feel underfoot. For firmer textures, try a natural linen Jute rug, or for softer textures try a faux fur or faux sheepskin area rug.
  • Tip: See their other design ideas to give you a bit of inspiration with your 2019 room transformations.

Robeson design comparison

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There are so many great ways to decorate your home for 2019. If you’re unsure of the best approach, contact one of the interior designers above to help you recreate a look that was shown or to create a new look based on your color schemes. You can contact the interior designers above through their links or follow them on Facebook, Instagram or other forms of social media. Let them know your budget and design ideas or show them an image you want to recreate.

Next, speak to a flooring specialist about help with tile accents, mixing tile patterns, carpeting, and area rug designs, and ways to fit your new décor into your budget. You can request a free in-home estimate or visit a flooring showroom for ideas. There are so many luxurious and elegant possibilities for 2019 – You should have them all!

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