Is Ceramic Tile Flooring Healthier than Carpet?

With countless flooring options available in today’s market have increased the choices and complicated the task of selecting best one to any home. But as we all know some commercial floor coverings are health hazards in several ways in one’s life. These floor coverings contain various elements that trigger allergic reactions. The materials may get worse over time, creating actual physical hazards for users.

So, let us sneak peak to the factors you should consider before choosing in between Ceramic and Carpet-

Ceramic TileTo look your home with healthy flooring- you should consider the below elements:

Few classic signs of Problem are:

  • People will be infected by repeated allergic reactions and asthma problems.
  • Soggy odors all over your home.
  • Discoloration of carpeting
  • Very dry, stale surroundings.

Though carpeting is the preferred flooring options, there are lots of difficulties associated with carpet flooring. One of the main concerns in carpet flooring is keeping it clean and fresh on a regular basis. Dust, dirt and food particles can get trapped into carpet with ease. A nasty carpet not only has an effect on the visual appeal but also turn out to be a source of allergies in your home. In addition to it, cleaning these impurities is too tricky and need to use specialized resources.

Conversely, Ceramic floors offer several advantages over a carpeted floor. One of the prime benefits in installing tile floor is offering countless shades, colors and sizes, where you can pick the best color that suits your home. Another benefit in ceramic flooring is it can be maintained easily with no hassles as they are usually stain resistant and spills can be wiped effortlessly. Choosing ceramic can significantly reduces the effort to clean than carpeted floor.

Installing ceramic is typically simple and less time consuming comparatively to carpet. Installing is also quite simple and easy for DIY’s or you may hire experts for a professional fitting. If the tile gets broken/ damaged you can remove the damaged one and can be replaced by a new one. Maintenance of ceramic makes an ideal flooring option.

Tile flooring will not be a problem for people with allergic reactions and will not get trapped in dust, dirt or food particles into it. At last, tiles are highly adaptable, durable and can be used in any room of your home. Not only in bed rooms or living rooms it can be installed in soggy areas such as bathroom and kitchens. But for these soggy places you can prefer choosing slip resistant tiles to avoid slips and falls.

Due to this handful of benefits you can say ceramic tile is healthier than carpets. Although Carpet is a number one choice for many homeowners, tiles has become an ideal replacement of carpets. Not only tiles improve the artistic look of a room but also cost effective too when compared to Carpet.

Ultimately for an enhanced and healthy setting, tiles are the best option to be installed in your home.

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