Is Hardwood Better than other Flooring Options?

If you are looking for quality, a classic feel and a timeless beauty, then hardwood is an affordable choice for your home. Hardwood is an easy way to add charm and elegance to any setting. Hardwood floorsadd beauty, warmth, value and good ambiance to your home. Though it offers handful of benefits, many homeowners often find themselves comparing hardwood floors to other types of flooring. But no other flooring can beat hardwood due its alluring appearance and unbeatable sturdiness; it has become a popular and a sustainable option among many homeowners.

Here you can see some simple facts of hardwood floors-

Hardwood Flooring OptionsValue– Cost is often the first thing that buyers consider while making a decision in choosing the best floor that suits your home. Though hardwood is expensive than other flooring options, installing hardwood flooring in your home increases the value of your home and tends to sell faster than homes with wall- to- wall carpeting. Upkeep on hardwood floors is expensive and it will last for a life time.

Longevity– Hardwood floors will last as long as your home does. These floors can be refinished to bring out their natural beauty if it starts to fade. But carpeting needs to be replaced on average once every seven to ten years. One of the big difference between laminate and hardwood floors is the life span of the floor. Laminate floors last a few years longer than carpet but does not last nearly as long as hardwood.

Cleanliness– Hardwood is a better choice for people with allergic reactions. Installing carpets can trap in dust, dirt and allergens but with hardwood that won’t be a problem. Stinky odors from carpets may become part of your home, introducing themselves to everyone who walks through your door. But hardwoods do not hang onto odors, or hide dust, dirt, hair and other particles as a carpet does.

Appearance– Unlike carpeting, tile, vinyl and hardwood floors do not go out of style. Hardwood is naturally beautiful adding an attractive look to your interior décor. Now- a- days laminates also have started to look more attractive like natural hardwood floors. Installing hardwood gives you various ideas with its array of patterns to your interior décor.

Comfort– Hardwood provides extreme comfort under foot and helps to guard against joint pains and fatigue even after standing for longer periods on your hardwood floors. Tile and vinyl may not provide such comfort as hardwood does.

Installation– Laminate floors are incredibly easy to DIY than hardwood. As laminate comes in planks that slide together and lock in place. These planks also slip apart if not installed correctly. At the same time, carpeting is also quite simple to DIY using tack strips. But hardwood takes little more effort when it comes to installation, of course the end results worth the work of installing hardwood.

Overall, if you’re thinking of installing hardwood floors you should consider the expense as an investment in your home since it will add a lot of value if you ever decide to sell. Though hardwood is expensive than others, but it will definitely add more value to your home than you spend on other types of flooring.

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