Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring a Good Choice with Pets?

Pets are family but at times their needs may affect your flooring choices. You need flooring that is resilient, ease of maintenance and that accommodates your pet’s size, needs, age and temperament. Flooring with pets should be also an eco- friendly i.e. good for your pets and you as well, should stand up well to pets scuffing, messes and more. You may not found flooring that’s hundred percent scratch proof, in that case Luxury Vinyl is a good choice to get installed in your home with your beloved pets.

Pet aspects to think about

  • Pet nails can scratch or Snag
  • Pets may track dirt indoors
  • Food particles/ spills from water or food bowls
  • Pet urine can stain and leave odors

Pet-friendly luxury vinylLuxury Vinyl is usually durable, easy to care for, budget friendly and tend to feel warmer than other flooring options. That’s partly why vinyl has been first in popularity comparatively to other alternatives. The other reason in choosing vinyl flooring at first place is, it imitate wood or stone flooring offering incredible design versatility. To ensure your vinyl floor to withstand from pet’s scratches, choose a material that is pre- attached vinyl with a thick top layer.

Luxury vinyl flooring usually consists of four layers

  • A Vinyl Backing 
  • A Vinyl Color Layer
  • A Design layer and 
  • A Protective Layer

A thick top layer also known as the wear layer or mil layer with a thickness in between 20 mil and 40 mil. The thicker the wear layer is, the more durable the flooring. Vinyl  with a urethane finish provides better permanence and stain resistance. For superior scratch- resistance on your vinyl with pets is an enhanced coating of an aluminum oxide. Luxury Vinyl flooring installation may price at about $ 2.50 to $ 7per square feet, possibly more but depending on the place and the coat finishing you choose.

For an extra care of protection of your vinyl flooring– Always trim your pet’s nails and cover high trafficked areas like hallways, entry ways or living rooms with rugs for the better protection from scratches and stains.

Ultimately, Luxury Vinyl flooring is resilient, long- lasting and durable flooring option that can withstand well from your four-legged companion. It has anti-microbial properties and can oppose to microbes, mildew and discolorations. Budget and ease of installation is the most important factors while considering a floor decision of a home. Choosing luxury vinyl can save your money from maintenance and cleaning in the long run from your pets.

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