Is Your Floor Harming Your Health?

When hear the phrase “antimicrobial flooring”, we generally think of hospitals, laboratories and industrial facilities where microbes are a threat to the facilities’ very operation. Until recently, we haven’t really thought of antimicrobial flooring for home use.

Antimicrobial flooring for hospitals

Think about this. We live on carpet that has been exposed to anything that the bottom of our shoes has picked up, various fungi and bacteria and just plain gross stuff, like child vomit or puppy urine. Gross, but a grim reality. It’s no wonder that our carpets carry more bacteria than our dog’s bowl, our cell phones and even our toilets. (Fact: with over 200,000 bacteria per square inch, carpets have almost ten times the bacteria than the average toilet seat.)

Bacterial proof carpets

Health Implications

Carpets can carry microbes, and some of these microbes can cause disease. For example:

  • 1. Mycotoxins: These microbes are caused by a combination of different kinds of mold, and can weaken the immune system. Of course, just having dirty floors can increase your stress level, which can also cause your immune system to work overtime and eventually weaken.
  • 2. Fungi: It’s not at all uncommon for people to walk barefoot on carpet. When they do, they leave behind various fungi and bacteria. These can be spread to others, causing things like athlete’s foot and other skin diseases. And, of course, people often sit or lie down on their carpet. And they certainly eat on it. The contamination possibility is high.
  • 3. Mold: Mold is the silent home-wrecker. It can wreak havoc on your respiratory system, as well as severely damage your carpets and the floor underneath them. If mold is allowed to spread unchecked, it can even render your house inhabitable. But back to the question of health. Anyone who has or has known anyone with mold allergies knows that it is a miserable condition. Having moldy flooring can greatly exacerbate the problem.

Home Environment Implications

Beyond the health implications, there are other ways microbes can adversely affect your home environment:

Discoloration carpet flooring

  • 1. Smell moldy things smell bad. Carpets and floors are no exception. As a matter of fact, they are the main culprits. Have you ever gone into someone’s house or carpeted basement and been assaulted by the dank odor of dampness? That’s mold at work.
  • 2. Discoloration and stains nothing makes flooring look older and a house look poorly kept up like stains and discoloration on carpets and floors. Mold is ugly, and when it gets to the point of being visible, your floor may be at the point of no return. The best defense is a good microbial offense.
  • 3. Microbes attack the health of your flooring just as they attack the health of the people who are exposed to them. Microbial attacks promote material breakdown, shortening the life of your flooring. Much of the microbial danger in flooring is in the base of carpet fibers or the backing. Having carpet with built-in protection against microbes alleviates this problem, extending the life (and livability) of your flooring.

Microbes resistant carpet flooring

Where do you find a solution?

While knowledge is power, expertise is knowledge squared. It’s good to be informed about the dangers posed by microbes in flooring, but you can’t be expected to take the time to learn every fact and every nuance about anti-microbial floors.

The varieties and special use cases are voluminous. That’s why you turn to the experts. If you’re fortunate enough to live in Arizona, there are experts on hand at Express Flooring. Don’t go off on your own to fight the war against germs. Enlist the expertise, integrity and value made available to you by Express Flooring. They won’t let you be “floored” by what’s hiding in your floor.

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