Is Your Remodeling Project Wrecking Your Relationship?

Can A Relationship Survive A Remodeling Job

If you watch home improvement shows, then you have probably seen a couple arguing over a do-it-yourself project. It is only natural that we fuss with our significant other on a lot of things in the relationship, including how things need to be done.

Installing a new floor is no different when it comes to arguments. Can a relationship survive a remodeling job and if you’re not confident it can, what measures can you take to prevent hurt feelings?

Home Remodeling Project

The Stats on Spats

According to Triblive:

Among those couples who assemble furniture together, 17 percent admit the experience always triggers arguments, reports CivicScience, a consumer-research firm. According to a remodeling-industry study, 12 percent acknowledged they had even considered separation or divorce during renovation. At the very least, 46 percent of couples undertaking do-it-yourself projects together found the undertaking frustrating.

So, the statistics show that couples who do projects in the home tend to not get along, but how do you make it easier to update your home or create a new look?

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Let Someone Else Take Over

There are tons of advice on how to get along as a couple and these certainly apply to DIY projects. Focusing on respecting each other, giving each other space, and compromising are just a few of the helpful tips.

While you can try compromising with each other, sometimes that is easier said than done. Instead, why not allow someone else take care of it? For instance, the two of you can fnd a flooring sale and installation deal together so that you can focus on another project. It’s so easy that instead of arguing over the work that is being done, you can disagree on the style or type of flooring.

In fact, there are often mistakes when choosing flooring so why make it harder by arguing during the installation? Not to mention that installing flooring isn’t as easy as you may think.

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If you want your new flooring to give your home a new look without it ruining your relationship, schedule a free design and estimate appointment with Express Flooring today!

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