Latest Flooring Trends [2019] – Flooring Styles in Vogue

Today’s homes and offices are stepping out in style with stylish and modern floors that range from bamboo, cork, linoleum, to recycled glass. Modern customers are looking for a flooring material that is easy to maintain, effortless to clean, durable and long lasting for their homes or offices.

Now a days, all of us have a busy schedule, so it is advised to get a practical flooring material that can stand the test of time. We have a range of flooring materials available to us that are practical, in vogue and luxurious. Customers now days are more inclined to Eco friendly flooring materials in order to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Few of the nature friendly flooring materials are:

  • Bamboo – Bamboo flooring material is also known as woody grass and it grows faster than any plant. It is a very popular flooring material and can be harvested with zero impact. It is a tough flooring material that is harder than maple and red oak hardwood and is convenient to clean.

Bamboo Flooring

  • Cork – This flooring material is practically indestructible and can withstand termites, fire and many types of insects. This material is manufactured from the bark of the oak tree by slicing it. It is a comfortable flooring material that presents a soft and cushiony feeling under the feet.


  • Reclaimed Wood – This flooring material is also considered Eco friendly as no new trees are used to produce this. Old wood that is procured from barns, wineries and other buildings is reused and milled as a flooring material.

reclaimed hardwood flooring

  • Vinyl and Laminate – These flooring materials present a wonderful aesthetic look to any room it is installed in. It is very convenient to install and is affordable priced. It is very convenient to maintain laminate flooring as the cleaning process is simple which needs a soft bristle broom and mop.

vinyl wood floor


  • Hardwood – Hardwood flooring stands the test of time and is in vogue even today. They are in demand for their classic looks, dependability and durability that will last a lifetime. They also provide a safe and healthy environment as they do not accumulate dust particles.
Floating Hardwood Floors

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  • Tile Flooring – This flooring material is ideal for use in homes with pets and kids as it is easy to clean and maintain. Tile flooring is available in an array of colors, patterns and designs to suit your budget and requirement.

kitchen tile

Modern flooring materials are available in an array of colors, patterns and designs that will suit all your requirements and give your home or office flooring a unique appearance.

Let us know what floor will you choose for your home or office in the comment section below.

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