Limestone Flooring – Properties, Pros & Cons, Maintenance Tips

Limestone is the oldest flooring material that dates back centuries ago. It provides your home with timeless beauty and sturdiness. Olden day’s limestone was used all around Europe to construct cathedrals and churches which still stand sturdy to testify the timeless beauty and elegance of limestone. Customers who desire to give a natural look to their homes will surely opt for limestone as it is elegant and exquisite.

Limestone Flooring

Limestone Flooring Properties

Limestone is a flooring material that is available to us from long. It has carved a niche for itself in the market. Latest and modern limestone flooring are available in incredible patterns, colors, designs and shapes. The quality of the flooring entirely depends on its shape, uniformity and thickness. High quality limestone does not contain any gray or black discoloration. It enhances the presence of antique interiors in a traditional home. It lasts for a lifetime if it is perfectly installed and maintained. Limestone is a wonderful flooring material which will make your home look awesome.

Advantages of Limestone Flooring

  • It is a very sophisticated flooring material that needs minimum maintenance and is exceptionally attractive.
  • It has longevity and is a flexible flooring material that has a temperature free nature.
  • It is an ideal flooring material for homes that are inclined to a healthy environment as it is convenient to clean and helps to maintain a hygienic atmosphere.
  • It provides a comfortable feeling under the foot and is very safe and secure. Express Flooring offers wide range of natural stone flooring in all over Arizona.

Disadvantages of Limestone Flooring

  • Limestone is a softer flooring material compared to marble and tends to get damages easily in areas like the kitchen and bathroom. It is recommended not to install it in these areas.
  • It can easily get scratches on its surface because of the sand and grit that is brought into the house with shoes.

Tips to Maintain Limestone Floor’s Timeless Beauty

  • Limestone needs to be sealed at regular intervals of time in order to ensure it is durable and lasts for a long time.
  • The sealant should be applied by professionals to ensure it is evenly applied and its porous nature is prevented to avoid serious damage due to dampness.
  • Spills of any nature need to be attended to immediately to prevent them from damaging the exquisiteness of your flooring.
  • It is recommended to use place mats at all entrance and exit points to prevent dirt and grit from entering your home and damaging the surface of your flooring.
  • It is recommended to use a soft bristle broom and floor mop to clean your limestone flooring in order to prevent scratches on its surface.
  • Never use any sort of acidic detergents to clean the limestone. It is always recommended to use a mild detergent which will not spoil the radiance of the flooring.

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