Low Maintenance Living Room Flooring options

A living room is a multifunctional area and a social setting in one’s home that generally sees more foot traffic than any other area in a home. It accommodates a variety of functional needs like people engaging in common activates with guests and neighbors. It does mean that the flooring in living space has to be able to deal with a lot of rigor. At the same time, the architectural elements in your living room should be inviting, warm, classy and creating an atmosphere where people feel naturally delightful and comfortable. The flooring in any living room has to engage in both style and design role in the overall home.

Here you can see some flooring that can be managed with ease of maintenance

Living room with Stone FlooringNatural Stone Flooring– Installing natural stone flooring provides extreme durability, strength and hardness underfoot in your living room. Natural stone brings the beauty of nature in your living space, creating a welcoming look to your home. Due to its strength and durability natural stone is extreme easy to care for and can say an everlasting beauty flooring option to your home. But most of the dirt and debris will rest on stick on the solid surface of stone which can make it susceptible to stains. Luckily, this can be protected by applying invisible chemical sealing agent periodically on your natural stone flooring.

Living Room Vinyl FlooringVinyl Flooring– Vinyl is another option to choose for living rooms due to its durability, stain resistant and easy to care for. Vinyl is very thin resilient surface covering available in tile forms and sheets of various sizes with different shades. This could make easier to install or uninstall if any damage occurs. Maintaining vinyl floors is not a difficult task, it can be mopped, vacuumed or swept easily to remove debris and spills can be wiped up simply. Additionally, you don’t have to worry in using abrasive cleaners on vinyl, as this material is impermeable to almost all staining agents. But using these chemicals on vinyl flooring material can fill harmful and risky toxins in your living room.

Lving Room Ceramic TileCeramic Tile Flooring– Ceramic tile flooring is one of the hardest and most durable flooring options available in today’s market. It is extremely durable and will be a proof against the stains and fading that can occur during social get-togethers in living room. If your kids or guests does spill something on ceramic flooring, it can be easily be sponged or mopped up without no hidden discolorations on it. However, the grout in between the tiles may susceptible to stain penetration at times, which may require specific high level grout cleaning exercise every few months.

Living Room Hardwood FlooringHardwood FlooringHardwood flooring is a beautiful choice for living room setting due to its natural colors, unique look which creates an inviting ambiance. The best part in choosing hardwood for living rooms is it will never go outdated and can say “an ageless beauty” where it always mesh with the interior decor in your home. The type of wood you choose decides the life of the hardwood. Most of the woods will be practically durable and resist to damage, dents and scratches. With regular vacuuming or sweeping can keep your floors look new and fresh for ages. But wet mopping should be avoided on hardwood as this may damage the finish and ruin the flooring in short span of time.

** Mopping is required only when applying wood polish on your hardwood**

Living Room Laminate FlooringLaminate Flooring– Laminate is one of the best flooring options offering a great style and convenience in any living room setting. It can reproduce the look of natural materials such as hardwood and stone. Laminate can be managed easily with simple care and maintenance. Laminate is easy to care due to its protective wear layer over the material. This makes cleaning simple and easy in sweeping dirt and wiping up sills. But excess water can damage laminate and overtime the wear layer will eventually discolor and may ruin the span of your flooring.

These are the best types of flooring that suits any living room in a home; also make sure that the flooring you choose is practical and functional in terms of maintenance, life style and most importantly the budget.

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