“Luxury Vinyl Tile” (LVT) is a Popular Choice!

Luxury Vinyl Tiles also called “LVT” is becoming increasingly popular for its durability and resistance to water in areas such as kitchens, utility rooms and bathrooms. LVT includes comfort, warmth, sound dampening and easy maintenance. It gives you a desirable look with wide range of colors, sizes and patterns, the choice is endless. While installing LVT flooring, sub floor preparation is the most important where it helps to give an optimum finish. Phoenix vinyl tile is thicker than traditional vinyl and is so advanced where it can mimic the look of stone, wood and even tile.

Luxury vinyl tile offers an economical, durable and easy to install flooring option. LVT are most durable, versatile and customized floor coverings available. It offers three best benefits over other types of flooring- price, installation and durability.Luxury vinyl tiles

Price– Luxury Vinyl tiles are tend to be cheaper than other flooring options.

Installation– Luxury vinyl tiles are incredibly easy to install as it is so simple to do it yourself. The backing can simply be peeled off and the tile can be installed in the place. However, ensure that you have marked carefully with no hassles before tiling it in place. Vinyl is a great DIY project!

Durability– Luxury vinyl tiles are highly durable, longstanding and crack resistant. It prevents scuffs, splits and tears. LVT also has more durability than standard vinyl since it has a high performance “wear layer” (a clear vinyl coating and a urethane coating) to protect it. Unlike ceramic or stone tiles, these tiles will not chip or crack and will stay looking new for ages.

Other Benefits of LVT:

SafetyVinyl flooring can be slip retardant and also less likely to harbor bacteria.

Hard-wearing– It can last long for ages.

Easy to clean– Usually Vinyl is stain resistant. Any spill or dirt, you can dab it away with a damp mop. Waxing or polishing is not required to keep the floor looking new.

Endless sizes and colors– There are wide range of colors in vinyl to match your décor with varying sizes to fit your needs.

  • Luxury vinyl tiles create the natural floor look and extremely softer and warmer to touch than natural stone or wood.
  • In the event of damage, an individual tile can be replaced without the need to replace the entire floor area.

Ultimately, Luxury vinyl tiles can be a low priced variant comparatively to other flooring materials, but it still looks decent which makes you feel that it is a perfect choice to go.

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