Make this Christmas and New Year’s Celebration memorable with Express Flooring’s [stain-resistant carpets]

Christmas and New Year’s celebrations:

2017 is almost at an end. But, Christmas and the New Year is right around the corner! To make this Christmas and New Year’s celebrations memorable, Express Flooring has introduced it’s stain resistant carpets at the most affordable rates!


Home flooring is one of the first things that guest notice when they step into your home. Express Flooring’s carpets offer a lively character to your entire home décor as they range from the most varied materials to the most varied designs. The right kind of carpet flooring is capable enough to make your setup look elegant and beautiful!

Why carpet selection is the most important factor:

Carpet can be defined as a textile floor covering characteristically including an upper layer or pile which is attached to a backing. For quiet, warm, and welcoming rooms, there is no better option than carpet flooring from Express Flooring, AZ. These carpets can be used for an array of purposes and environments including bedrooms, living areas, children’s playrooms, hallways, and more. The main benefit of carpet flooring from Express Flooring, AZ as compared to other forms of flooring is the very fact that it creates a warm and cozy living space where heat is insulated as opposed to cold tiles or hardwood. Carpet flooring also adds colorful vibrancy to your home décor.

Carpet flooring from Express Flooring, AZ has a number of different carpet flooring options available at different prices and offers, quality levels, colors, shapes, sizes, etc. Ranging from the most expensive carpet flooring to the most affordable, their carpet flooring options are plentiful for you to choose from!

While the other kinds of home flooring trends are mostly about wooden looks, for carpets from Express Flooring, it is the design and patterns that count. We have compiled some of our latest carpet trends for you to help change the look of your home and amplify the feel-good factor.

Types of Carpet Flooring


Recycled carpets:

Eco-friendly or green carpets are the biggest trend currently with homeowners and property builders. As a matter of fact, most of the carpets today are partially made out of recycled materials, if not fully. Manufacturers and homemakers are more focused today on the environment, and this trend is likely to grow even more in the coming years.

Cut and loop carpet:

These are the kind of carpets that are inclusive of both loops and cuts. These carpets were very popular during the 70’s and gradually lost their importance towards the 80’s. However, now it is making a comeback in full force. Cut and loop carpets offer an array of textures and patterns, which is one of the biggest reasons why it is trending right now. We are already aware of how this carpet kind has come and gone with time, but history surely does repeat itself!

Frieze carpet:

Most people lack the idea and knowledge of what a frieze carpet is. Frieze carpets are also known as twist carpets. They refer to those carpets wherein each of the pieces are twisted many times, therefore making it look curly. You know how your hair turns out to be when you sleep with a braid right? Well, that is exactly how these frieze carpets look. These carpets have made their entry into the industry relatively recently and are likely to continue over the next decade.

Carpet tile rugs:

This carpet type is really quite cool. You have an endless list of options for creating custom rugs by picking carpet tiles and linking these together. This trend is especially popular amongst the families as in any case one part of the rug gets damaged, you can definitely replace it as it is just a carpet tile. Rugs have always been in style, and there is no possible reason why these carpet rugs would fade away in fashion.

Why stain resistant carpet is beneficial:


Another most sought after carpet type of Express Flooring are stain resistant carpets. Express Flooring’s stain resistant carpets are one of the most cost-effective and beneficial carpeting options available for you. Some of the benefits of Express Flooring’s stain resistant carpets are:

  • Longer durability
  • Lesser need for replacement
  • Cost effective as compared to carpeting made from wool or other fibers.
  • Spill and stain resistant
  • Health benefits

As with many products, you get what you’re pay for. The experts of Express Flooring state, “The finest stain-resistant nylon versions available can cost more than carpeting made with traditionally more expensive fibers like wool or silk. The amount you save over time, however, can make up for the extra you pay upfront.”

Now, quality carpet installation is a must when it comes to your carpet flooring. While carpet installation and carpet layering is not a challenging task, however, the size of the rolls along with the limited workplace available, can make it a tough job. Carpet flooring from Express Flooring, AZ is generally 12 feet in its width which therefore makes the carpet roll very heavy and difficult to handle even for a room of an average size of 12×12 feet.

It is highly suggested to choose professional carpet installation from Express Flooring. Their carpet installation professionals will not charge you any additional costs and fees related to removal of old flooring and their disposal or removal of furniture. They will arrive at your doorstep with the required, tools, knowledge and supplies to lay down your carpet with perfection. You need to make sure, however, that the installers have access to electrical power outlets and some space for storing their electrical tools during the process of the carpet installation.

Whether it’s plush carpet for a living room or a cushioned back carpet meant for your basement, below are some general tips from the experts of Express Flooring for you to consider during carpet installation and carpet layering.

1. Subfloor cleaning: The surface which has to be carpeted should be neat and clean. There is a need to scrape paint or anything that is stuck to your subfloor prior to carpet installation.

2. Installing the tackless slips: Tackless slips should not be installed near doorways and thresholds of your home as the strip tacks are sharp in nature and could anytime poke through the carpet thereby hurting your feet. Tackless strips are available in different heights, thickness and also, width. Hence, the selection of the perfect tackless strip is very important.

3. Installing the carpet pad: The carpet pad should be laid perpendicularly to the direction in which you plan to do your carpet installation and carpet layering. The carpet pad then has to be stapled near the tackless strip with the help of a staple hammer.

4. Stapling any pad seams: Stapling the seam of pads is also important during carpet installation and carpet layering in order to ensure that they are not stuck beside one another.

5. Trimming the pad: The padding has to be felt through in order to locate the tackless strip post which the padding along the interior edge of the tackless strip has to be cut with a knife in order for every tack to get exposed.

6. Trimming the carpet size: After following the above steps, the final thing to do is to roll your carpet with its back facing outwards until the notched areas start appearing. With chalk, draw from notch to notch and cut along it.

Now that you are ready with all the information on Express Flooring’s carpets, go and get your new carpet flooring installed!


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