Marble Tiles vs. Porcelain Tiles

It might be little difficult to choose and this might get fretting as to which type of Tile Flooring to add to your home. This is an important decision as flooring is a focus point in any home and is the first impression to the visitors who walk through your home. Not only is this something you have to live with but, is the flooring functional? How is the cost of the material? Does it look good in appearance and feel? And many more questions spring to one’s mind to go with perfect flooring. But, if you ever plan for a sale on your home in the future, it’s also going to matter what type of flooring is installed.

Before choosing marble or porcelain, it’s essential to know the benefits, cost and of course the uses and a few other aspects. Once you get to know the aspects of marble and porcelain a little, then you can make an informed decision for your home enhancement.

Any flooring you choose should create a sense of sophistication which will carry throughout the atmosphere of your home.

Marble vs. Porcelain Tile– Which is a better choice? – To understand the best of one, here you can see the variations of these floorings-

Marble TilesMarble: DurabilityMarble floors adds beauty and gives luxurious natural flooring appearance creating a sense of classiness. Though marble is more finicky to choose, keep in mind that marble tiles should be professionally cleaned as it can easily be prone to staining and scuffing. So, cleaning marble is little difficult to DIY and it is recommended to hire a professional for a perfect clean.

Porcelain: Durability-On the other hand, porcelain is incredibly durable comparatively to other flooring options and it is an ideal flooring for people with kids and pets as they might track in like mud, dirt or water while they play around. Porcelain is incredibly a great option in all climatic conditions,at the same time; Porcelain is very simple and easy to care for.

Marble: Characteristics– Marble and porcelain are very different materials, not only in look and feel of the material, but also in manufacturing of the product.

As we all know, marble is a natural stone and it is more porous, where it is required more care and maintenance than porcelain, also it has to be resealed frequently for a better life of existence.

Porcelain-tilePorcelain: Characteristics– Alternatively, porcelain tile is made from white clay and fired in extreme temperature, hence these tiles are much denser and less porous which means they are much stronger, more durable and less resistant to staining than Marble. Porcelain can last for ages if maintained well with simple cleaning and maintenance.

Marble: Value– Naturally, marble is going to add more value and opulence to any home. However, marble is extremely expensive than other floorings, this is not only in price of the material but also in weight as well. Marble is one of the most expensive flooring materials in today’s market and can start at about $9 and go up to about $20+ per square foot, also depending on the customization, cost for materials and labour prices vary.

Porcelain: Value-Porcelain tiles are mostly less priced and are easily available for the home-owners with budget constraints. Porcelain starts at about $3 per square foot and can go up to about $30 a square foot depending on the customization options.

Marble: Use and Function– Marble can be installed anywhere in and around your home. It is usually used for flooring, kitchen islands, countertops and washbasins. Marble is less commonly used for tile on walls.

Porcelain: Use and Function– Porcelain can suit the requirement of flooring for commercial and residential areas that face high traffic. Historically, porcelain is mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms but now- a- days porcelain is getting installed almost in every part of a home due to its durability and the luxurious look of it.

Marble: Look and FeelMarble tiles have the benefit of looking natural and unique. Marble is usually come in grey or cream coloured with thick darken streaks on it and is available in wide array of colours and designs which has almost countless shades in it.

Porcelain: Look and Feel– On the other hand, porcelain comes in myriad of solid shades with perfect textures and it is good in all sorts of weather patterns.

Ultimately, with these factors you can choose the better one based on your needs. With the above information you should be able to make a well informed decision that suits your interior.

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